Tuesday, November 30

Biden throws himself into the case of the missing tennis star

New, allegedly recent photos have been published by tennis star Peng Shuai, who many believe have disappeared immediately. Now the US president is coming with a call to the Chinese authorities.

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As VG wrote earlier this week Shuai had been missing since November 2 after she wrote on social media that she had been abused by Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli (75).

A letter, which is supposed to be from her, was published on the Chinese TV station CCTN earlier this week. Here she allegedly denies that there has been sexual abuse.

However, many have suggested that the letter actually originated from her.

Now the US president, who was in a digital meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier this week, stated in the case through press secretary Jen Psaki.

She stated on Friday that Biden is “very worried” about where she might be, writes SkySports.

Biden now demands independent, verifiable proof of where she is. This is despite the fact that journalist Shen Shiwei on Friday sent out an allegedly fresh picture of the tennis star. Shiwei works for CGTN, an international division of the state-controlled channel CCTV.

SUMMIT: Joe Biden and Xi Jinping met digitally earlier this week.

According to SkySports, Shiwei says that the photo was posted on an app together with the text “good weekend”.

So it does not reassure the American president.

– We know that China has zero tolerance for criticism and has a long history of silencing those who speak freely and we will continue to condemn such a practice.


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