Tuesday, November 30

Almost no one I know would describe themselves as a feminist

If you are for equality, you are a feminist. Whether you like it or not, writes Marit Mathiesen Schrøder (14).

We need to talk more about feminism in school.

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Everyone I share many general political views with says that they are anti-racists and that they support LGBTIQ +. But almost no one I know will refer to themselves as a feminist. Why is it like that?

Gender equality means that you must have equal opportunities, rights and responsibilities, and that you must be treated equally, regardless of gender. Those who fight for this are called feminists.

Not misogyny

When people think of feminism, many probably think of the caricatured “feminists”. There are several I know who associate feminism with Kevin Vågenes’ parody. I think this is sad.

For many, the word feminism also means misogyny. This is not correct. The definition of feminism is people who are for equality, both for women and men. So if you’re for equality, you’re a feminist. Whether you like it or not.

It is a matter of course to say that one is for equality, and people have no problem calling themselves an anti-racist, but the word feminist has got a lot of negativity around it.

At school

Many people do not know enough about feminism or think it is embarrassing to call themselves a feminist. A good solution to the problem would have been to talk more about feminism at school.

I have several times heard teachers talk positively about LGBTIQ + and anti-racism, so I think it should be a matter of course that teachers also talk about feminism.

One should also speak positively about feminism in several places. The opinions of those around you have a lot to say.

The fight for equality is still relevant, and I hope you can reconsider your views on feminism after reading this text.

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