Tuesday, November 30

Alex Rosén in grief: – He was a man with a big heart

– It is still completely incomprehensible. I do not understand what happened. There is something about the fact that the best go first. It’s just very sad, and I’m very sorry, Alex Rosén tells TV2.

Had a big heart

Rosén was on stage when he received the message that Husby had passed away.

– I had to pull myself together and deliver, even though the message was heavy. It is a cruel message to receive, no matter where I had been, says Rosén.

Furthermore, he has only good words to say about Husby, and says that they were good friends.

– He was a good friend, and he had a big heart. He could look brutal, but inside he was just good. He could talk to anyone about anything, Rosén says.

– What I remember about him is that he saw people and listened to everyone who talked to him. He was very inclusive and very warm. He was a man with a big heart, he continues.

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Very caring

Rosén says that Husby was present when he himself lost his father, and that his friend was a great support during this grief.

– Then I was completely beaten down, and it was absolutely awful to lose my own father. But I could hardly have lost him with better company than Hank. He took great care of me, he says.

Rosén says that he experienced Husby as a person who had “the heart on the outside of the body”.

– It was amazing how he took care of me in a situation where I was so desperate. It was typically Hank. He was a guy who was very caring, and thought about people around him all the time, he says.

– He was concerned with psychiatry and substance abuse problems, and was a champion of the weak in society, he continues.


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