Tuesday, November 30

When a man died on the passenger plane from India, several alarms went off at Gardermoen. The fear of import infection is increasing.

Around 9,000 import cases of infection have arrived in Norway this autumn. That the fear of import infection is increasing, the passengers on a plane from Air India experienced when they entered Norwegian airspace.

An Indian plane had to make an emergency landing at Oslo Airport on Tuesday after a man died on board. The photo was taken earlier.

On Tuesday night, a very unusual emergency message arrives at the tower at Oslo Airport.

The captain on board an Air India plane on its way to Chicago with 320 passengers is asking to land. They have a medical emergency on board. It turns out that a man on the plane is dead.

But it is not just because of the death that the alarm goes off at Gardermoen. Since the plane comes from a corona-red country, the borders of the other passengers are closed.

They must now go through an involuntary day in Norway.

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