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This year’s Christmas markets are underway immediately. Here you get six tips around the country

Are you looking for a good old-fashioned Christmas mood? Then you should visit one of the country’s many pre – Christmas markets.

At the party place in Bergen, the big Ferris wheel is a popular attraction.

Last year’s Christmas was a different Christmas. The corona epidemic dampened the Christmas mood, and several Christmas markets had to be canceled due to infection control. All the more reason to go this year, whether you live in Henningsvær in the north or Kristiansand in the south.

You no longer have to go to Berlin or Krakow to experience a Christmas market in the old European tradition. There is plenty to choose from here at home, no matter where in the country you live.

Real northern Norwegian Christmas in Henningsvær

In Henningsvær with its meager 500 inhabitants, they take the Christmas atmosphere seriously and offer real northern Norwegian Christmas in unique surroundings. The pre-Christmas adventure in Henningsvær has a lot to offer. Only the surroundings themselves are worth a visit.

If you take the trip to the Christmas market in Henningsvær, you can borrow a blue kick to get between art and culture in magnificent Lofoten.

It is not without reason that Henningsvær is also called the Venice of the North. Norway’s largest fishing village is located on several islands surrounded by majestic mountains.

Every week from the first weekend in November until Christmas, you can buy short-distance food and Christmas gifts out of the ordinary. Feel free to buy a Haddock from the Cod and Haddock store. Haddock is the English name for the fish species haddock, but in this context it is a fun wool hat designed in Henningsvær.

You can also take a ride on a blue kick between art and culture surrounded by magnificent Lofoten in winter clothes. And if you are really lucky, you can experience the spectacular northern lights.

In Henningsvær you can find a real northern Norwegian Christmas atmosphere in unique surroundings.
Every week from the first weekend in November until Christmas, you can buy short-distance food and Christmas gifts completely out of the ordinary in beautiful Henningsvær.

High Christmas cosiness factor in Trondheim

When darkness descends over Trondheim city and the cold from a frost-kissed fjord gives snow roses on the cheeks, it’s time again for atmospheric experiences. In the square where Olav Tryggvason stands tall side by side with the beautiful Christmas tree and Nidaros Cathedral towers majestically in the background, you can also this year embrace the pre-Christmas atmosphere.

The Christmas market in Trondheim had its infancy in 2003 with only five stalls. Now the market is an important pre-Christmas tradition in the city of Trøndelag
In Trondheim you can have a hot cup of cocoa in one of the café tents.

From its humble beginnings in 2003, with only five stalls, the market has grown to become an important pre – Christmas tradition in the city of Trøndelag. Here you can, among other things, walk among decorated wooden stalls, white “snow tents” and trees with thousands of Christmas lights, shop for short-distance food and handicrafts, have a cup of hot cocoa on a reindeer skin by the fire in the Café lavvo and experience atmospheric concerts and performances at several different scenes.

Sleigh speed and reindeer in Røros

Beautiful Røros is the perfect Christmas town with its old colorful wooden houses and white snow in the enchanting blue hour. The city was the backdrop for the outdoor scene in NRK’s ​​popular Advent calendar «Christmas in Blåfjell». Maybe you remember Pippi’s Christmas and the scene where the strong girl with the charming braids sends a giant snowball after troublesome policemen? It was recorded in Sleggveien in the winter-clad mountain town.

Happy children in the blue hour in the Christmas town Røros.

But Røros also has Christmas charm so it stays off the TV route. Here you can borrow a good old-fashioned kick, or travel through the city streets with sleigh rides, or “Christmas cut” which is the local word, well wrapped in warm leather traps.

In the mountain town of Røros, you can get in close contact with both goblins and reindeer.
There is a lot of Christmas atmosphere to be found in Røros. Also, you are (almost) guaranteed snow.

You can get in close contact with reindeer, and Santa Claus is of course very present. Besides, you are almost guaranteed snow – and not least cold.

This year, the Christmas market has been expanded from four to 12 days.

Christmas atmosphere between the seven mountains

At the party place in the capital of Western Norway, well located between the seven mountains, you will find the people of Bergen’s Christmas market. Today’s Christmas market has taken with it the heritage of the Hanseatic era and given it a modern and charming packaging.

There are several “insta-moments” to be found here. For the youngest, the Venetian horse carousel is popular. An air ride in the luminous Ferris wheel is also an attraction worth taking with you. If you want speed and excitement, you can take the trip to Fløyen for a fast-paced sleigh ride.

And you do not have to be afraid of getting hungry. The stalls contain short-distance food from local farms and producers, exciting traditional food from other parts of the country and several flavors from abroad. In addition, there is a bakery with freshly ground grain from its own mill and a pastry chef with sweet temptations.

Meet Norway’s most pleasant Santa couple in Egersund

In Egersund you can find real Christmas magic framed by the beautiful, picturesque wooden houses in the small town by the North Sea. Since 2003, the Christmas market in the small town on the border between Sørlandet and Vestlandet has been an important pre – Christmas tradition for both residents and visitors.

The Christmas market in «Okka by», Egersund, claims to have the country’s most beautiful Christmas tree.

Here you can experience concerts, puppet theater, a hand-powered carousel from 1844 and not least what the Egersunders themselves believe is the country’s nicest Santa couple. At the Christmas market in Egersund, you can buy items you will never find in chain stores at pre-Christmas bustling malls.

The city is widely known for beautiful porcelain and stoneware that can be found in several stalls on the market. But Egersund knows more than porcelain. They also have their own chocolate factory.

Egersunderne even thinks they have the country’s nicest Santa father and grandmother.

Christmas magic in Sørlandet

On Torvet, right in the heart of Kristiansand, is a large Christmas market with unique Christmas gifts and a good Christmas atmosphere. The ice rink is a popular feature, as is the spectacular 3D light show at the Cathedral twice every night.

On Torvet, right in the heart of Kristiansand, there is a lot of Christmas atmosphere to be found in the weeks before Christmas.
Christmas atmosphere in the southern village of Kristiansand.

For the youngest, Christmas in the Zoo with activities at Kutoppen every weekend in Advent is a favorite. Feel free to stop by the Santa Claus exhibition at the clothing store Rasmus Tallaksen in Markensgate. Here you get to see everything a Santa Claus family has to contend with before Christmas, a small experience in itself.

And if you are still open to more Christmas magic, you can go into the Christmas ball on Torvet, a small and luminous work of art to the delight of both young and old.

The square in Kristiansand in beautiful Christmas decorations.


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