Saturday, November 27

This is what the leg looked like in January. Now he is aiming for the Olympics.

BEITOSTØLEN (Aftenposten): In a world of injuries, accidents and adversity, Mikael Gunnulfsen is an acquaintance. But he gets up again and again. He wants to go to the Olympics.

Mikael Gunnulfsen started the year by breaking his leg across. Now he is back and has a clear plan.

– I want to be such a guy who can not be stopped, he says.

There is optimism in every single sentence when Mikael Gunnulfsen speaks. There would have been no lack of understanding if he had expressed himself with a little more melancholy. Mikael Gunnulfsen is the cross-country skier who gets up again and again. It’s about adversity so it lasts.

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