Tuesday, November 30

The President of the Storting had free commuter housing – but no commuter travel

The President of the Storting was registered as living in a room with Trond Giske in Trondheim. But the last year she had a commuter home, she was not on a single commuter trip there.

Storting President Eva Kristin Hansen photographed in the Storting on Thursday.

Storting President Eva Kristin Hansen announced on Thursday that she is resigning, after it became known that she has had a free home in central Oslo at the Storting’s expense, despite the fact that she owned a home with her husband on Ski – 29 kilometers away.

This lasted until October 2017. She has explained that she rented a room in Trond Giske’s apartment in Trondheim and was registered there. That’s how she got commuter housing.

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