Tuesday, November 30

The meteorologist warns better weather the rest of the weekend

The wind that has ravaged Eastern Norway lies on Friday night. On Saturday and Sunday it can be nice weather and some sun.


On Friday, the wind picked up, closed roads and knocked out parts of the emergency network in parts of Eastern Norway.

Throughout the evening and night, the wind will lie.

– It is now tonight that the strongest wind is. The danger warning for strong winds expires at nine o’clock. It will not be renewed, says on-duty meteorologist Espen Biseth Granan at the Meteorological Institute to VG.

– It is starting to decrease in several places, but there is some wind left in the southern Inland. Now it is moving east, he says a little before nine o’clock.

He says that on Friday night there has been 24.3 meters per second gust in Setesdalen, 25.3 m / s in Nesbyen, 32 m / s in Geilo and 22.6 m / s in Lillehammer.

BAD WEATHER: The ambulance had to stop at McDonalds on Flå on Friday because there were problems with the emergency network.

– Nice on Sunday

The meteorologist says that the weather will be better the rest of the weekend.

– Tomorrow we will talk about completely different matters. Then the conditions will be good compared to today, Granan says.

He says that it will be especially nice on Sunday in Eastern Norway.

– There will be dry conditions and as far as possible opportunities for sun and parts of Saturday. Sunday in particular will be good in the East Fjords, he says.

The meteorologist says that on Saturday there will be a little more rainy air in Western Norway and some rainy weather in Trøndelag and northern Norway.

All the way down to Nordland and maybe Trøndelag, snow showers can reach sea level.

– You should not be very high in the terrain before you can encounter snow showers in Trøndelag, he says.


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