Tuesday, November 30

“The Great” is only occasionally true. How was Katarina the Great really?

The stories of Catherine the Great, tsarina of the Russian Empire in the 18th century, are in the wind again.

Season two of the TV series “The Great”, which is out now, is part of it. It is “an occasional true story.” We have checked it against reality.

History remembers Catherine as Russia’s longest-serving female monarch. In season two of “The Great”, we get to see how she took the Russian throne. But how was she really?

  • Kjersti Nordbrønd


AFTENPOSTEN HISTORY: The satirical costume drama “The Great”, which was nominated for a Golden Globe last year, has the subtitle “an occasionally true story”. Screenwriter Tony McNamara has taken great liberties around historical facts and details.

But the creators behind the TV series are not the first to let the promiscuity of the Empress and her court take up a lot of space.

One feature of the Empress’s work, however, tends to be overlooked or underplayed when she is portrayed: She had an all-consuming hobby, which became a form of side job, which led to a change in cultural life in Russia.

She herself must have been unusually unmusical.

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