Tuesday, November 30

Strong winds create problems: – It is quite strong

WIND: Strong winds have taken parts of the roof of Atråhallen by Atrå primary and lower secondary school in Tinn municipality in Telemark.

Violent gusts of wind have led to trees in the roadway and closed roads in several counties throughout the morning.


On Twitter, Vegtrafikksentralen has throughout the day reported trees in the roadway that have led to several closed roads in Telemark, Viken and Innlandet.

– It’s pretty hefty. At the moment we do not have a full overview, but we have a lot of fire brigade out there, says Glenn Espen Kustner, duty manager in South East, duty manager in 110 South-East.

He talks about a confusing situation in several places in Viken, Buskerud and Telemark as a result of the storm. He points out Sigdal, Rauland, Nes and Hallingdal, says the foreman.

In many places, the wind has led to trees in the roadway, and the fire brigade has received several reports of roofs that have blown off.

– We have received three or four different messages that the roof has blown off, he says.

– So far, the biggest problems have been in the inner areas of the county. We are worried that there will be more populated areas throughout the afternoon.

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Ask cottage owners to think twice

Kustner has a clear appeal to those who have thought about the cabin this weekend:

– I want to encourage those who have thought about the cabin if they should really travel today, he says.

The reason is the major traffic problems on many roads as a result of the storm. He is also afraid that the storm will lead to problems.

Has hit car and power line

Task leader and fire chief John Bjella in Hallingdal Fire and rescue, VG tells about several trees that have fallen over Riksvei 7 in Flå.

– We have been out on a mission where a number of trees had blown down on the road at Lindelia in Flå. A tree had hit the hood of a car. But I do not know if it caused personal injuries, says Bjella to VG.

– Right now I received a message that trees have fallen over a power line in Hemsedal, Bjella reports further.

The newspaper Hallingdølen writes that several settlements are without electricity. Also Avisa Valdres reports power outages. Sør-Aurdal Energi (SAE) writes this on Twitter:

“SAE asks everyone to stay away from trees that are on lines. Lines can be live even if they are on the ground. Call 91179028 when reporting errors. Bug fixes are taking place in several places as a result of tree attacks on the line network ».

Road traffic center reports a stiff gale on the E134 over Haukelifjell on Twitter. Her you can find the updated traffic announcements.

The Bergen railway is closed

On Friday morning, the Bergen line was closed between Ål and Hønefoss due to power problems and trees across the track.

Bergens Tidende reports that work is being done to correct the error. There are strong gusts of wind on the site, which has probably led to trees falling over the track.

– It is a catenary mast, which supplies the trains with power, which is damaged. It needs to be replaced. At the same time, trees must be removed and a routine inspection of the facility in the area must be carried out, says press officer Harry Korslund in Bane NOR.

There will be an update on the situation at 20 on Friday, according to Bane NOR.


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