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South Korean hunt for Lehne Olsen – gets new contract from Lillestrøm

FROM MOELV TO DE KUIP: Thomas Lehne Olsen became the first Lillestrøm player on the Norwegian national team in seven years when Ståle Solbakken (right) sent him into the 87th minute in the 0-2 loss against the Netherlands.

Against the Netherlands, Thomas Lehne Olsen (30) ran in for his national team debut. There may be more international football for Lillestrøm’s superb top scorer next year.

According to VG’s experience, a South Korean club has shown concrete interest in the LSK captain with a raw strength of 22 league goals, at the same time as Lillestrøm has started by trying to extend his contract. His current contract – signed just weeks after the relegation in 2019 – expires after next season.

– We are in good and concrete dialogue. We talk about what it takes for Thomas to sign a new contract. Then we talk about different scenarios on the number of years and content. We have a good dialogue with both Thomas and Tore Pedersen, his agent, says Lillestrøm’s sports manager Simon Mesfin.

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The LSK boss confirms that Lehne Olsen’s season, which is even more “merited” through a national match in the statistics, has led to interest.

– I can confirm that it is from both Europe and other continents, such as Asia, Mesfin says on VG’s question about whether a South Korean club has been on the field relatively recently.

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– Are we talking bids?

– Yes, we’re talking bids. But a lot comes through second-hand. Not directly from the club.

– How does LSK view his situation? Even if you want to keep him, do you see that he might deserve a chance out?

– Both. We strongly want to keep Thomas. He has become a bearer of continuity. He has delivered solidly for many years with ten goals on average. Now he is 22 and has had the redemptive season. Through joining after the relegation, through his presence as captain, through everything he does on and off the field, he is a very important player for LSK, says Simon Mesfin.

– Then we understand that it may be an adventure. Which he wants to go on. There have been several providers on him in the last year. This summer and along the way, Mesfin continues.

– You could have sold him?

– Yes, we could have sold him, but I experience Thomas as sensible for what is needed. I experience that it takes a lot for him to leave LSK. That’s why we really appreciate him. We also want to show that, and therefore we are talking to him about a new contract, says Lillestrøm’s sports manager.

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In September, Thomas Lehne Olsen himself declared to Romerikes Blad that it will be either abroad or LSK in the future.

To VG, the 30-year-old father of two says the following about the future assessment:

– There has been some interest and has become more and more. As I have said all along: I keep all possibilities open. I have out next year here and there is nothing I stress about. There must be a sum LSK is happy with, and a package I am happy with. There we have a very good dialogue. I might as well write a new three-year-old here as I can go out, says Thomas Lehne Olsen.

On Tuesday, he became Lillestrøm’s first national team player since Stian Ringstad made a brief appearance against France in May 2014. On Sunday, he is with Lillestrøm to Bodø for an away match in the Elite Series against league leader Glimt.

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