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Seltzer: Plan reunion

BAND FRIENDS: Thomas Seltzer and Hans Erik Dyvik Husby together in 2007.

Turboneger plans to invite Hank von Helvete again in 2023, writes Thomas Seltzer.


Thomas Seltzer, in the Turboneger context known as Happy Tom, was a bandmate with Dyvik Husby from 1993 until Husby left the band in 2009.

Background: Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby is dead

Since then, Turboneger has moved on with a new vocalist, and Husby is still alone. In the memoir Thomas Seltzer writes on Facebook and Instagram, he makes it known that the band is planning reunion – with Hank von Helvete as vocalist.

In the last year, Rune (Green, journ.anm) Knut (Schreiner) and I have secretly planned a celebration of “Apocalypse Dudes” 25 years anniversary in 2023, something we have looked forward to presenting to you, Chris (Summers) and Pål (Bøttger Kjærnes) over the next few months. That did not happen, writes Seltzer.

– I’ve never been sadder than I am tonight. Crushed, writes Seltzer.

Rest in peace my mad, charming, devilish, tormented, lovable and smart little brother. Ever since you were a little boy, you have always had a strong desire to be reunited with your mother. I hope you are now.

TURBONEGER: Knut Schreiner, Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, Rune Grønn (behind) Thomas Seltzer and Pål Bøttger Kjærnes together in 2007 when Håkon Moslet launched a biography about the band.

Turboneger has also via his official channels expressed grief after Hank von Helvete’s death.

It is with great sadness that we received the tragic message that Hans-Erik “Hertis” Dyvik Husby has passed away, the band writes in a Facebook post.

– We are grateful for the moments and magic we shared with Hans-Erik in Turboneger in the years 1993–2009.

He describes the band as a warm and generous person, and as a spiritual and intellectually searching person who loved to have a conversation with anyone.

– We are proud of what we created together as rock brothers in Turboneger.

– As a charismatic frontman who channeled both humor and vulnerability, Hans-Erik was crucial to the band’s appeal, the band writes.

– Hank von Helvete remains an iconic figure in Norwegian rock and popular culture and he also made a name for himself in rocknroll internationally. Actor, romantic artist and entertainer – during his life Hank swept aside all doubt that he was a man for the stage, he loved the spotlight and attention.

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