Tuesday, November 30

School apologizes for removal of “Legalize it” campaign

ON STAND: This picture shows the youth politicians on stand at Nydalen VGS. To the left of the picture you see the roll-up they were asked to remove by the school management.

Nydalen upper secondary school apologizes after they gave politicians from Unge Venstre an order to remove material with the message that the youth party is for the legalization of cannabis.


Unge Venstre stood at Nydalen upper secondary school last week.

– We had applied for and been allowed to stay at the school, Tejn Rolland states. He is the leader of Oslo Unge Venstre and himself a student at the school.

Members of the youth party stood during the big break. Towards the end of the break, someone from the school management approached them and asked them to remove campaign material that read “Legalize it”.

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In 2019, there was a great debate after a similar incident. At that time, the then Prime Minister Erna Solberg went out and described the incidents as “not acceptable” to iTromsø.

Now the school has apologized.

– We had a nice meeting with Unge Venstre yesterday and clarified the situation. After that, we have handed over a formal apology, and I perceive that everyone is happy, says principal Linn-Siri Jensen to VG.

In an email to Unge Venstre, she writes, among other things:

«All political parties that have contacted Nydalen high school. has always been, and will in the future be welcome to Nydalen high school. Democracy and freedom of expression must be clear values ​​at our school and in our practice. Unge Venstre visited us on Thursday 11.11.2021. One of the leaders asked Unge Venstre to take down a roll-up when it was approx. five minutes left of agreed visiting time. That should not have happened and we apologize for that. “

Tejn Rolland in Unge Venstre.

Rolland is pleased with the apology:

– The principal explained what had happened, and that it was a misjudgment. It was obviously not right what happened, it is not acceptable to censor politicians. We now accept the apology the school has made, and consider the case closed, Rolland says to VG.

Following the incident last week, the deputy chair of the Culture and Education Committee in Oslo City Council, Hallstein Bjercke, asked City Councilor Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll (SV) how she wants to follow up the case, and asks if she will take the initiative to quickly inform everyone schools in Oslo that it is illegal to censor this type of message from political organizations.

He also asks the city council to clarify its view on whether it is an illegal statement to say that one is in favor of legalizing something that is currently banned.


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