Tuesday, November 30

Police: Understand that this is a case that concerns many

The Oslo police are now starting the investigation work on the commuter housing cases in the Storting, after the public prosecutor ordered them to do so this Thursday.

– We have received the investigation order, and sat down and started working on it. We have to spend some time in our area first, then we will go into more detail on what we do in the future, says police inspector Ole Rasmus Knudsen in the Oslo police district to Aftenposten.

– When will the first interrogations take place?

– It is not possible to go into such details now.

– Who will be questioned?

– It is too early to say anything about it. We understand that this is an issue that concerns many, but we need some time to get started.

– Public prosecutor Alfheim refers in the order to statements from at least six politicians, could they have incriminated themselves?

– I can not go into it now.

– Will the investigation also look at the role of the administration?

– Once again, it is too early to see anything concrete about it.

In September, the police dropped a report by former KrF leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad. He was then reported by a private person for having given incorrect information in connection with the commuter housing cases Aftenposten revealed about the KrF politician.

The police then emphasized that the Storting’s leadership had said in the media that “they were aware of the actual facts about Ropstad’s registered address and that Ropstad had not given them incorrect information.”

– Is it the case that politicians can not be punished if they have been open with the administration?

I can not comment on that now, says Knudsen.


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