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Not canceled: Full roll for Christmas dinner in the municipalities

DOES IT SMOKE? Many people are probably wondering how things are going with this year’s Christmas table when the infection rates are now rising sharply.

Infection rates are increasing and municipalities can now introduce corona passports. But so far, the Christmas tables are going as planned.

On Friday, it became clear that the government is tightening requirements for entry and allows municipalities to use corona passports to provide relief to fully vaccinated, those who have tested negative or have undergone covid-19.

Among Norwegian municipalities VG has spoken to on Monday, so far no one says they will cancel Christmas dinners for all their employees.

Tromsø municipality has for a week and a half had measures to get rid of the infection in the city. On Friday, they confirmed once again that they will introduce corona passes, which replace the requirement for bandages and fixed seats.

– Do you do this to save the Christmas tables?

– We do this to get people back to work – then Christmas dinner is part of this, Wilhelmsen answered VG’s question earlier Friday ..

– The business community is also very happy with the corona passport. It can replace the measures we introduced a week and a half ago, which are requirements for bandages and fixed seats, the mayor added.

And Tromsø is not the only one: Four other urban municipalities VG has been in contact with confirm that they will also carry out Christmas dinners for most of their employees this year.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health canceled – the municipalities are not following suit

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has canceled its Christmas table, but also emphasized that this is not a signal to other companies about what they should do.

On Friday, Bergen introduced new measures in the city. Nevertheless, they have decided to hold a Christmas table for their employees – and encourage the residents not to cancel, said Bergen Health Councilor Beate Husa during a press conference on Friday.

– The municipality will carry out Christmas dinners for its employees as planned, and no general provision has been introduced. We want the business community to make money, for people to avoid being laid off, she says and emphasizes:

– Carry out what you have planned for activities, but follow the infection control rules and advice.

Thursday wrote Aftenbladet that Christmas dinners for several hundred municipal employees in Stavanger have been canceled due to rising infection rates in the region.

But the municipality has as many as 11,000 employees, and communications consultant Thomas Bore Olsen states that Stavanger municipality has not canceled all Christmas dinners as such.

– An internal checklist has been made for the leaders to follow before conducting a meeting. They will make a ROS (risk and vulnerability analysis) in relation to the local framework around the event and find out if it can be carried out or not. Then someone will come to the conclusion that it is not possible, says Olsen.

He also points out that there are different practices and traditions for Christmas dinners.

– Some do not have Christmas dinners at all. In any case, there is no Christmas table with many thousands of employees, these are small communities in the large community within the municipality. Some have probably also chosen to postpone the Christmas table until the situation is a little more stable, says Olsen.

– Supplied

Trondheim municipality says they have not decided whether the Christmas table under the auspices of the municipality will go off the stack as planned. Even there, the municipality will so far not make any decision that cancels the party for all employees.

– It will be a bit up to the units, and we follow how things develop, says health and welfare director Wenche P. Dehli in Trondheim municipality to VG.

Oslo Municipality also informs in an email to VG that no changes have been made to planned events, based on the infection situation in the capital.

DOES NOT CANCEL: Oslo Municipality, led by City Councilor Raymond Johansen, has not canceled the municipality’s Christmas table so far.

City councilor Raymond Johansen says in a statement to VG that the municipality has now introduced mass testing of school students in 5th to 10th grade. It also means that the municipality will wait to introduce new measures – such as corona passes.

Among children from 10-12 years, which is the group with the highest proportion of infected in Oslo now, over 60 percent were infected at school. In the group 12-15 years, more than half are still infected at school. Then we must give the measures we have decided time to work, says Johansen, who adds:

– We follow the situation closely from day to day, and make ongoing assessments of what is right, and proportionate measures-

– Legal with Christmas table

NHO reports good progress during the Christmas table season.

Fortunately, there were no national restrictions today that place restrictions on the implementation of planned Christmas dinners and other events. It is perfectly legal to carry out Christmas dinners. It is important that the public sector knows its responsibility and does not create the impression that it is not legal or justifiable to go to a Christmas table. It creates unnecessary uncertainty among companies and most people, says Kristin Krohn Devold, CEO of NHO Reiseliv, in an e-mail to VG.

– Have you heard from the companies in recent days that many Christmas tables are canceled?

On the contrary, many hotels and restaurants report that they are fully booked throughout the season, and many have more bookings this year than they had before the pandemic. In Oslo, almost half of the tourism companies report that they have more Christmas table bookings than normal. In Tromsø, there were some cancellations after the municipality introduced new measures, but otherwise full houses are reported in many places in the country, says Devold.

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