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Must elect a new president: Myrli does not automatically step up

VICE PRESIDENT: Sverre Myrli is the Labor Party’s number two in the Storting’s presidency. It is not a given that he will take over from Eva Kristin Hansen as president.

The Labor Party must find a new president of the Storting. But it will not necessarily be Vice President Sverre Myrli.


On Thursday, Eva Kristin Hansen (Labor Party) resigned as President of the Storting after the police opened an investigation into Storting politicians’ use of commuter flats.

Now the Labor Party must find a new candidate for the powerful position.

In the presidency, Hansen has been accompanied by Sverre Myrli, who has been elected from Akershus and has over 20 years of experience as a parliamentary representative.

But there is no automaticity in him moving up and taking over Hansen’s job.

– No, there is no automatic. We will look at the total solitaire, says Åsmund Aukrust, leader of the Labor Party’s parliamentary group’s nomination committee.

– No comment

Myrli will not answer whether he is interested in the presidential job.

– I have no comment on that, he says to VG.

– The chairman of the nomination committee says that there is no automaticity in you being promoted. What do you think about it?

– I do not think anything. They just have to consider that, says Myrli.

The new President of the Storting can be elected as early as Tuesday next week, and the nomination committee will meet already this weekend.

– We will meet and have slightly different conversations. The goal is for the Storting to elect a new president as soon as possible. It should be an ambition to make it happen within the next week, but it may take the time it takes.

– It is an important post, and we must find a candidate who has confidence in both the Storting and the population, Aukrust emphasizes.

NOMINATION COMMITTEE CHAIR: Åsmund Aukrust from Akershus.

Big solitaire

The change of president can lead to major reshuffles in the group. The President of the Storting does not sit on one of the professional committees, as the other representatives do, only on the enlarged Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

Eva Kristin Hansen must therefore be given a seat on one of the committees, and the new president must be removed. Then there may be an imbalance in, for example, gender or geography, so the nomination committee must make several reshuffles.

– There may be some redeployments, but I do not think there will be major redeployments, says Aukrust and continues:

– Some small things will happen, but we have the advantage that we are mostly quite a few in each committee, so will not be completely disproportionate no matter how it turns and turns.

HAD TO GO: Eva Kristin Hansen announced on Thursday that she will resign as President of the Storting when it became clear that the police would investigate the commuter housing cases in the Storting.

Must be male and female

If the Labor Party elects a man other than Myrli as the new Storting president, he will have to leave the presidency – which will lead to more reshuffles.

– Labor has two seats, and it is clear that it will be a man and a woman, Aukrust says.

The new president must have broad confidence and solid political experience. This weakens the potential candidacies of as many as 26 of the Labor Party’s 48 representatives, who have never been permanently elected to the Storting before.

The eight who are deputies for ministers who are elected to the Storting are hardly relevant.

Seks sluggere

If you subtract those who have only one parliamentary term behind them, election committee leader Aukrust, parliamentary leader Rigmor Aasrud, parliamentary deputy leader Terje Aasland and Eva Kristin Hansen, you are left with six very experienced Storting politicians:

  • Lise Christoffersen from Buskerud
  • Stein Erik Lauvås from Østfold
  • Sverre Myrli from Akershus
  • Kari Henriksen from Vest-Agder
  • Jorodd Asphjell from Sør-Trøndelag
  • Lene Vågslid from Telemark

If the new president becomes a woman, it is possible to avoid major reshuffles. Henriksen is the first deputy chair of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, while Christoffersen is a non-executive member of the Finance Committee.

See photos of the six here:

Søring Presidency

Vågslid is the chair of the local government and administration committee, but will either lead to more reshuffles – or that the resigned president of the Storting will be appointed committee chair.

If Lauvås or Asphjell is to join, and Myrli is to have a more high-ranking position than being a non-executive committee member, it will offer new redeployments. Lauvås is a member of the energy and environment committee, while Asphjell is a member of the education and research committee.

When Hansen leaves, everyone in the powerful presidency is elected from southern Norway.

There is only one other Labor Party representative from the five northernmost constituencies who has more than four years in the Storting behind him. It is Jorodd Asphjell, comes from the same county and the same political wing in the Labor Party as Hansen.

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