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Mikkel Niva about his friend: – It is Herman who is the genius

Mikkel Niva and Herman Flesvig are having great success together, both in podcasts and on screen. During this year’s recording of “The First Time Service”, they became even better known.


Together with Herman Flesvig (29), Mikkel Niva (33) has created great success in NRK. The duo has the podcast «Friminutt», which is one of Norway’s largest, and millions of viewers with the TV series «First-time service».

VG meets Niva on NRK before the last episodes of the success series are published, and he brags a lot about his humor buddy.

– It’s Herman who is the genius. For me, it’s fun to be a part of it. I really enjoy being on his journey, because he has some insane qualities, says Niva.

– It seems as if everything you take in is a success. What are you doing?

– We are very far from perfect, but we are doing what we think is fun. Things do not have to be so perfect and rather more frivolous. What we do is very transparent and genuine, without irony.

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“Is this what we wrote?”

Niva plays the role of Lauritzen in «The First Time Service». Flesvig plays several of the roles in the series, but it is in the character Tanja-Laila Gaup that he and Niva are on screen together.

– We wanted to put in a real cliché love story, he says.

The character Aurora, played by Josefine Frida Pettersen (25), becomes part of a love drama. Niva says the relationship between Tanja-Laila and Lauritzen gets even hotter in the last episodes.

– Suddenly we were in a situation where we have written a script with a lot of bare skin, we also stood during the recording and thought: «Is this what we wrote? Is this what we want? ».

RED RUNNER: Here are Herman Flesvig and Mikkel Niva on the red carpet before Gullruten 2020. “The first-time service” was then nominated in the category “best comedy program”.

During the recording, he became more familiar with his friend’s nobler parts.

– At one point, Herman had to hide his pee when he was to play Tanja-Laila in a tight dress. When some of the costume ladies said “we will help you lose”, I thought “you should let this go”, he says and continues:

We went into a cramped room, took a sock around his pee and pulled it between his legs to fasten it behind his back.

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Together about the script

Niva says that he has been more involved in writing the script this year’s season, than before. He has a lot of experience from impro theater and says that several of the planned stages were changed when they recorded “The First Time Service”.

– There have been different people drop by, but a lot of time has passed since Herman and I have been in a room and fisted together. The series is a product of three to four months with low blood sugar, he says.

The duo likes to test ideas right away to see if they work.

– We are a bit similar in that way. I through impro theater and he probably through ADHD. We have two heads that work very fast, sometimes faster than we can keep up with ourselves.

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Met by chance

The 33-year-old says that he met Flesvig by chance in the hallways on NRK.

– I thought: “Damn, he’s so far away from myself.” But then we started talking together and he is a very vulnerable boy born into a model body. He looked much more “douchbag” than he was. Then we started hanging out. It’s a bit like middle school when you discover someone in the parallel class who is cool, says Niva.

He says the podcast was an excuse so they could hang out at work.

– We have a lot in common to be so different. There are few I can talk to as much different about as with him.

– I can not bear to relate to it

– Are you affected by the success?

– With the podcast, I have been very concerned about not knowing how many people are listening. It’s just a playground for me and Herman.

January 2020 came Podtoppen which measures which podcasts have the most listeners, «Friminutt» tops the list of Norway’s most popular.

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– It was crap to begin with. It went well and it was fun to brag, but the first weeks there was “satan we must be able to be number one”.

Niva says that he has not been in and checked the pod list only once in 2021.

– I can not bear to relate to it. Someday we’ll go down the list, and then I will not know.

Last “Free Minute” episode

Earlier this year, it became known that Herman Flesvig and Mikkel Niva have announced a podcast transition from NRK to Schibsted, which owns VG.

– The last “Friminutt” episode in NRK will be recorded next week, but it will be the same thing in Schibsted. It is a bit the same feeling as when moving to a new collective. It’s the same life, but a little different people and arrangements around. I think it will be good. It’s good with a little change.

Niva continues to work for NRK, even though podcasts are moving.

– I have a feeling that NRK has a good plan for me. There are more things to come, I have recorded several series that are coming.


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