Tuesday, November 30

Information for VG: Triana Iglesias finished as host of «Paradise Hotel»

DONE: Through 15 seasons of “Paradise Hotel”, Triana Iglesias has followed participants through intrigue, sex, competition and love. Now it’s over.

Triana Iglesias (39) will not lead the new “Paradise” concept.


She has been the face of the popular reality series for over twelve years, and fifteen seasons.

But according to VG’s information, Triana Iglesias (39) has finished as host of «Paradise Hotel», and will not be part of the new concept «Paradise» from 2022.

VG has been in contact with the press department of Viaplay owner Nent, who does not want to comment on the case. VG has tried to get a comment from Iglesias, so far without success.

It is unclear what her future plans are.

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“Paradise Hotel” makes drastic changes: Changes name, hotel and participant criteria

The first season of “Paradise Hotel” premiered in 2009. For several years, Iglesias has led participants through seasons filled with intrigue, sex, competition and love.

“Paradise Hotel” was in 2018 nominated for best competition-driven reality during the Golden Route, and Iglesias has been nominated for the audience award during the Golden Route 2016 and 2018.

In early November, it became known that “Paradise Hotel” was making drastic changes.

The reality series changes its name from “Paradise Hotel” to “Paradise”, and will no longer be recorded at the hotel you have seen in previous seasons.

In the new concept, you also no longer need to be single to participate.

It is uncertain whether name changes in practice mean that the entire “Paradise Hotel” as we know it, will be closed down, or whether this will be season 16 of the reality series.

Season 15, which is shown on Viaplay these days, will thus be the last where Triana Iglesias is with.

WATCH VIDEO: Triana Iglesias totally breaks during an episode of “Paradise Hotel” last year.


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