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Harald Eia plays Mikkel Niva’s father in «The First Time Service»: – Can only hammer away

Harald Eia and Bård Tufte Johansen play together in the last season of «The First Time Service».

Another familiar face appears in the second season of “First Time Service”. This time it’s Harald Eia, in the role of Lauritzen’s absent father.


– It was very fun. Because they are very playful, Mikkel and Herman, so it is very fun to play with them, says Harald Eia.

He plays in the last season of Herman Flesvig’s “First Time Service” together with his humor partner Bård Tufte Johansen, who was already in the first season.

– It’s difficult, because you come in as a guest. And Bård and I have our own style of play and our own way of doing things, so we felt we had stepped in a bit, says Eia, and continues:

– For example, Herman’s character Tanja Laila, that character speaks so low, and Bård and I speak loud. So we were very worried about being the adults who come in to the party and are going to dance and just overturn things.

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The “first-time service” flashed with record-high ratings when the first part of season two was released last Friday.

The first episode had a total of 1,373,000 viewers on Monday. This includes viewing on NRK TV and with a market share of 53 percent.

– Pretty dark

It is only in the very last episode that Eia appears on the screen. He plays Mikkel Niva’s character Lauritzen’s absent father.

Niva himself has experience of having an absent father, something he made a documentary about in 2018 on NRK, called “Without a father”. There has been a recurring humor point in Niva and Flesvig’s podcast “Friminutt”, where Flesvig often teases Niva for just this.

– It is in a way a parody of a parody, with a little bit of “Free time” also in the “First time service”, says Niva, and adds:

– But this is by no means a portrait of my own father, or my own story. But rather a picture of something I think many can recognize themselves in – parents who buzz.

Harald Eia thinks it was fun on set with Mikkel Niva and Herman Flesvig.

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Eia thinks it was very fun to play this particular character.

– He is such a deceitful liar, who promises gold and green forests, but never keeps his promises and prioritizes intoxication over the children, he says.

– It’s actually quite dark.

Still, Eia thinks it works well:

– It is very fun, because it is rare to make humor on something that is so painful. It’s almost a rule in comedy that if you feel sorry for someone – properly for real – then you do not laugh. So that with bad parents, then you imagine incredibly sad and sweet children, with a bad upbringing, and it’s not fun, he explains.

– But the funny thing about Mikkel is that he is among the people where it is actually fun to think that he is disappointed time and time again and never learns. Mikkel is such a wonderful type, because you can just hammer on him without feeling it does anything. He just laughs and laughs.

The comedian explains that this created a free space on set.

– It makes it possible to make humor about such a difficult thing.

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Role models

Niva says the “First Time Service” handles topics like this several times.

– When you joke with that theme and things like that, you make it safe in a way. That is the goal of the joke about him father – one should be able to joke with the dark things and all types of people. Make it safer and more visible. Care failure is a recurring theme throughout the series, so we show it a lot. We also joke about other serious things. We take it very seriously – you should not laugh, but with, he says.

About working with Harald Eia and Bård Tufte Johansen, Niva says:

– That’s what’s so fun. They say we are playful, but that’s exactly how they are and. We have an idea of ​​what they should do and who they should be, they also come and build on that. They take it seriously, make it smarter, analyze and do the best they can. It’s great.

Mikkel Niva and Herman Flesvig on Gullruten in 2020.

The two have long been a role model for Niva.

– Harald does not know this, but every time I work with him or meet him, I always drive and grind my teeth, because I am so sick happy, he says and laughs.

– So I’m always very tired in the jaw. I catch myself talking fast and almost lose my head … It’s completely raw. These are the ones I grew up with. That self-irony was what made me discover it.


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