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Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby is dead

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, also known by the artist name “Hank von Helvete”, is dead, 49 years old.


One of Norway’s most prominent rock figures passed away on Friday.

– It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, also known in the world as «Hank von Hell», unfortunately passed away on 19 November 2021. We ask that family and close friends are respected in this tragedy, it is said in an announcement on his Instagram late Friday night.

The same message is posted on Facebook.

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby is best known as a longtime vocalist and frontman under the alias “Hank von Helvete” in the rock band Turboneger. He left the group in 2009.

In recent years, he has made a living as a solo artist and actor. He had a resounding success in the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” in 2009, and has since played the lead role as Cornelis Vreeswijk in the Swedish film of the same name.

– Just so sad

Artist Carina Dahl has shared a photo of the two on her Instagram profile with the following text:

«This is just so sad. Dad woke me up at home in Trondheim today with news that has made the day here heavy. Uncle Hank, the memories live on! From the time you probably gave 4 speeches on my birthday because you always had so much on your mind, until you scared away worn-out boys from me & little sister that it was “you who were uncle hank”! For wonderful dinners together with shared food joy & not least when we compete in MasterChef and MGP! I enter the stage tonight with you in my heart. See you again

VG has tried to get in touch with Dahl on Friday, without success.

Rocker Ida Maria received the news with great sadness.

– He has been a bit like a big brother to me in the music industry. Hans-Erik has always been very nice to me. We last met a year ago in Mo i Rana, and then he gave an absolutely fantastic lecture for the Church’s City Mission, she says to VG.

– Mom was there and got to take a real punk picture with him. When he’s gone now, I think a lot of thoughts. I hope he can rest in peace. There will be an even more rocking atmosphere in the sky now. Now he joins Jimmy Hendrix and the others. I think Hans-Erik will get an orchestra seat.

Artist Stephen Ackles writes on Facebook:

«Sleep well brother… see you again. Words are poor now, one is in a weird hardship. You do not think so. This is just so infinitely sad. “

VG has tried to get in touch with Husby’s colleagues in Turboneger.

See photos from Husby’s life:

He has participated in several TV programs, including NRK’s ​​”Star Fight” and Melodi Grand Prix under the artist name Hank. In the autumn of 2011, he was one of the judges in “Idol” on TV 2, and he has also published both records and cookbooks.

His latest album, “Dead”, came in 2020. In the New Year, according to his own website, he had planned a tour in Europe, with 40 concerts in Sweden, Spain and Belgium, among other places.

Dyvik Husby lived his first childhood years in Gravdal, a town in Vestvågøy municipality in Nordland. When he was three years old he moved to Å in Lofoten. Later the family moved to Fauske, Rognan and Tvedestrand.

In 2011, he participated in the program “It gets better” on TV 3, and told that he lost his mother to cancer as a six-year-old. In connection with the participation, he also opened up about the grief in an interview with VG:

– We are all human. People know me first and foremost as a rock star, actor, artist and a person with high opinions. Sometimes I’m tough in the face, and sometimes I’m small. It’s good for me to be able to show it too. I’m no different than most people, he said.

Dyvik Husby leaves children.

A look back at some of Hanks’ stunts over the years:


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