Tuesday, November 30

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby (1972 – 2021): He made Norwegian rock dangerous

As frontman in Turboneger, Hank von Helvete gave Norwegian rock a name and international confidence.

Hank von Helvete on stage with Turboneger at the Øya Festival in 2008.

The stage is a normal bar counter. The place is a dark room in the basement under a Carlings store in the center of Oslo. It’s a cold night sometime in 1998. We are cramped together, it smells like a dirty mix of beer, sweat, rock and denim. Suddenly the room lights up.

The band that plays in the bottom corner is Turboneger. They have a release concert for their fourth album “Apocalypse Dudes”, which will soon become a rock classic. Vankist Hank Von Helvete climbs up on the bar counter, turns his back on the audience, pulls down his trousers and fires off his legendary butt rocket. Teit?

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