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Hank von Helvete is dead

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby (49), known as Hank von Helvete from the band Turboneger, is dead.

Artist and actor Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby is dead. He turned 49 years old.

This is confirmed by Husby’s manager Boye Nythun to Aftenposten.

The immediate family has been informed, Nythun states.

Tvedestrandsposten first reported the death on Friday night and referred to family in Tvedestrand had informed it to the newspaper.

Husby is best known as a vocalist in the hard rock and punk band Turboneger, where he was a member from 1993 to 2010. As a rock musician in Turboneger, Husby became known for large-scale, theatrical performances in bare upper body and white, dramatic makeup.

In recent years he has been an actor and artist under the name Hank von Hell. He has been concerned with promoting work against mental illness. Under the corona, he launched the campaign #outofdarkness – or “out of the dark” in Norwegian. He wanted to make it clear that there is a way out of the darkness for those who struggle with the psyche.

Husby, or Hank, with Turboneger during the Øya Festival in 2005.

Open about drug abuse

The years in Turboneger were turbulent, and Husby has been open about the fact that his drug abuse at times made it difficult. The band had a break from 1999–2002, partly due to Husby’s drug problems.

Then Husby moved to Å in Lofoten, where he had lived the first three years of his life. The goal was to become drug-free.

As many as he remembers, as Hank Von Helvete in the band Turboneger.

In Lofoten, Husby worked at museums and local radio. At the same time, he traveled to local schools to talk about his addiction and the dangers of substance abuse.

In 2002, Turboneger came together again, and the group went on their “Reserection Tour”.

In the spring of 2009, it became known that he was a student at the Narconon clinic in Sweden, which is owned by the Church of Scientology. He has also been a member of the Church of Norway. The same year he married Gro Skaustein. Together they had a daughter, before the couple divorced in 2014.

Husby left Turboneger in 2010, and was a great success at Det Norske Teatret.

More than Hank von Helvete

But Husby was not just Hank von Helvete. After leaving Turboneger in 2010, he had success in other arenas. Among other things, he played the role of Jesus Christ in the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the Norwegian Theater.

It became one success, and audience record for Det Norske Teatret. The performance went for full houses from September 2009 until the end of January 2010.

Husby in the role of Jesus Christ. Here with Frank Kjosås in the role of Judas.

He also played the lead role in the film «Cornelis», which is about the life of the Swedish singer Cornelis Creeswijk.

After this, he recorded the album “In the Light of Cornelis” with the deceased troubadour’s son.

in 2011, the debut album of his new group, Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult, was released.

Huseby is on the cast as “prison director” in the Netflix series Clarck, which is being filmed. It’s about the Swedish villain Clark Olofsson.

After playing Cornelis Vreeswijk, he recorded an album with Vreeswijk’s son.

Husby has also participated in several Norwegian TV programs. In the autumn of 2011, he was an Idol judge, together with Bertine Zetlitz, Marion Ravn and Gunnar Greve.

He has also participated in the Melodi Grand Prix twice. The first time with the artist name «Hank» and the song «No One», the second time with the artist name «Hank von Hell» and the song «Fake it».

He has also participated in NRK’s ​​Stjernekamp, ​​where he made a name for himself with his interpretation of the song “Poison” by Alice Cooper. Here Husby put on make-up as in the Turboneger era.

– I love that you pulled out the rock monster again. It was cool to see. You sing with drama, passion and soul. Then it does not matter how nicely you sing. Welcome home, said judge Mona B. Riise after Husby’s performance.

In 2012, the biography «HANK» was published. It is written by Håvard Rem, and deals with Husby’s life.

A life that is now over.

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