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Got questions about Norwegian holidays: – Trying to turn off the phone for a few hours

Just two days after 0-2 against city rival Manchester City at Old Trafford, Ole Gunnar Solskjær and his family boarded the plane for Norway. There the wonder of Christianity went into the think tank.

– You can not log off completely. You live and breathe football. You try to turn off the phone for a few hours and spend time with the family, but you follow the players on the international stage and you analyze your own matches. Technology helps. We can keep in touch even if we are not in the same room, country or continent, says Solskjær at Friday’s press conference.

Watch Solskjær talk about how he copes with the pressure in the video window at the top!

Even though he himself was in Norway and allowed the players a holiday after six losses in the last twelve matches in all tournaments, kristiansunderen is clear that he and his support staff have worked really hard during the national team break.

– We have worked hard with a few priorities. The support staff is amazing, they work 24/7 to improve the team’s condition. Everyone came back on Monday and we were ready for a good week. “”

Elaborates on own philosophy

During the last six league games before the national team break, Solskjær’s role has been heavily criticized. Although TV 2 has been informed by informed sources that Solskjær is still the man Manchester United wants to bet on, several British media have claimed that the Norwegian’s reign at Old Trafford is coming to an end. Much of the criticism has been about the lack of a clear style of play and identity, and Solskjær’s formation change against Tottenham, Atalanta and Manchester City gave the journalists water on the mill. For Solskjær, there is one thing that is much more important than number combinations.

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– The system is one thing, but the style of play is so much more important. That you are forward-looking, that you run forward, center forward and that we push hard or defend ourselves deeply. One can have the same style with different systems or formations. It’s about the execution and how we approach the match, Solskjær explains and elaborates:

– The most important thing is that you play attacking football and that we give the players an opportunity to express their talent within the framework we play in. Whether it is 3-5-2, 3-4-3, 4-3-3, 4- 4-2 or 4-2-3-1, does not really matter.

After the defeat against City, kristiansunderen announced changes.

“I can not look at myself and say that this is how I want Manchester United to play,” he told Sky Sports after the match.

Now he explains his thoughts on that statement.

Longing for a United connection: – Disrespectful

– We have had to make some small adjustments because some players have been in shape, in bad shape, injured or suspended. I will always see a Manchester United team go on the field to dominate. Maybe that was what led me to say what I said after the City game. I do not want to see my team lie back and wait. We should rather be forward-looking, and if some teams are better than us, you have to accept that, says Solskjær.

The magic formula

Common to the last three defeats of Solskjær and co, against Leicester, Liverpool and Manchester City, respectively, is that eight of the eleven players in the starting line-up have been the same.

David de Gea, Aron Wan-Bissaka, Victor Lindelöf, Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw, Mason Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo all gained confidence from the start against all three of the above opponents.

– The balance between changing and at the same time finding continuity and balance is the magic formula, finding the right team for each match. I have not sat down and thought that “these eight have lost three games, so they can not play together anymore”. It’s about finding the right solutions for Watford and Villarreal, those are the only matches that are in my head at the moment, says Solskjær.

And one of those who can get the chance against Watford on Saturday is Donny van de Beek. The midfielder, who came from Ajax before last season, has only played 15 minutes of league football this season. Against City, he entered the field with ten minutes left on the clock – to deafening cheers from the Old Trafford crowd.

– I think our supporters can see a top professional and very good player. Donny is someone who has never disappointed himself, his team or his family with his attitudes. His approach to the game and the training is exactly where it should be. I can not touch him, and he knows it. I talk to him, because it’s not easy when players do not play as much as they think they should. Donny thinks he should play more and he will be involved, Solskjær explains and adds:

– I can not say anything other than that he is an example of what you should do when you are not on the team. He’s going to get paid for it.

Merciless Alsaker after the City loss: – This was unacceptable

– Never considered taking the captain’s bandage

One of those who has received a lot of criticism for his achievements is Captain Harry Maguire. After scoring the 1-0 goal against Albania in the World Cup qualifiers last week, the midfielder stuck to his ears throughout the celebration. It made former Manchester United captain Roy Keane turn on all the plugs.

– He has been a disgrace to the club in recent matches against Leicester, Liverpool and Manchester City. I think he takes his hands to his ears to silence the critics, but it’s just embarrassing, said the Sky Sports expert in a broadcast on ITV.

Solskjær is now defending his student.

– As a team, we have not performed at the level we know we can do. Harry is, as Gareth (Southgate) said, not one who hides or looks for excuses to stand over fights. Harry is a top professional who wants to be there for the manager every single time. He trains very well and I think that the goals he scored for his country will help his form and self-confidence, says Solskjær, and adds that he has never considered removing Maguire as captain.

– I have never considered taking the captaincy from him. Since he came in, he has been very reliable and hardworking, both on and off the field. His family, the club, we are all very happy with him and we support him. He is a top professional and he will disprove the critics. The so-called experts have their opinions and that is their job. This is not something we have to worry too much about. But as a true example of a Manchester United player, Harry is always there for the team, Solskjær brags.

This is how it went last Ronaldo won as rarely as now

Bad Pogba news

Where Maguire is highly relevant for a starting place against Watford, however, the situation is completely different for Paul Pogba. The midfielder suffered a thigh injury during the national team gathering with France, and Solskjær admits that it can take a long time before the 28-year-old is back on the field.

– It was a disappointing injury for Paul and a disappointing time. I’m not a doctor and I can not say how fast it will heal. Sometimes you hope and have your fingers crossed for 6-7 weeks, but the worst case scenario is 11-12 weeks for muscle injuries like this. What I’m sure of is that Paul is determined to come back and give his best when it happens. He has already started training with a mentality of coming back stronger. Paul always has that love for football and a personality to come back strong. Hopefully we can see him just after Christmas, Solskjær states.

Another uncertain card for the next matches is Edinson Cavani. The striker was also not in action against Manchester City before the national team break.

– Edinson had an acquaintance in one of the last sessions before the City match which made him not feel like he should do. We have to give him time to feel right and I can not say whether it will happen on Saturday, on Tuesday or against Chelsea. We will see how he is, that is the most important thing, says kristiansunderen.


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