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Friends in mourning over Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby’s death: – Shock

Hank Von Helvete is dead – 49 years old. The news shakes celebrity friends and fans.


Background: Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby is dead

Among those who mourn is artist Per Heimly.

– I’m in shock and in grief. We have probably lost an honest soul and a genius in his art. Hans Erik was a multi-talent with a sensitive soul who lived his life skinless. But he was fantastic, he says to VG.

FRIEND: Per Heimly.

Rocker Ida Maria also received the news with a heavy heart.

– He has been a bit like a big brother to me in the music industry. Hans-Erik has always been very nice to me. We last met a year ago in Mo i Rana, and then he gave an absolutely fantastic lecture for the Church’s City Mission, she says to VG.

– Mom was there and got to take a real punk picture with him. When he’s gone now, I think a lot of thoughts. I hope he can rest in peace. There will be an even more rocking atmosphere in the sky now. Now he joins Jimi Hendrix and the others. I think Hans-Erik will get an orchestra seat.

FRIEND: Ida Maria knew Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby.

Obituary: Now hell is over

Håkon Moslet, former head of NRK P3, wrote the biography «TRBNGR: The saga of the denim people» in 2007.

– Hank von Helvete was Norwegian rock’s greatest frontman and stage personality. At his best, he was a perfect combination of authentic punk rocker, dangerous circus director, stand-upper and poetic character. Hank von Helvete – it was his charisma that made Turbo popular and lovable, says Moslet.

– Life was often tough for Hans-Erik, but on stage he could radiate total control over the situation. He was born to stand on the stage. He burst out of the smallest punk bumps on the eastern edge of Oslo to the biggest festival stages in Europe with charm, he recalls.

– He was a guy you fell in love with, whether you met him in person or was one among thousands in front of the stage where Hertis excelled with dialects, arrogance, self-irony, give a fucking attitude and leader of the all-singing, Moslet concludes.

MUSIC EXPERT: Håkon Moslet.

Artist Stephen Ackles writes on Facebook:

«Sleep well brother… see you again. Words are poor now, one is in a weird hardship. You do not think so. This is just so infinitely sad. “

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Artist Carina Dahl has shared a photo of the two on her Instagram profile with the following text:

«This is just so sad. Dad woke me up at home in Trondheim today with news that has made the day here heavy. Uncle Hank, the memories live on! From the time you probably gave 4 speeches on my birthday because you always had so much on your mind, until you scared away worn-out boys from me & little sister that it was “you who were uncle hank”! For wonderful dinners together with shared food joy & not least when we compete in MasterChef and MGP! I enter the stage tonight with you in my heart. See you again

VG has tried to get in touch with Dahl on Friday, without success.

On Hank Von Hell’s Instagram, this message was posted late Friday night:

“It is with a heavy heart that I must say that Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, also known in the world as” Hank von Hell “, unfortunately passed away on 19 November 2021. We pray that family and close friends are respected in this tragedy.”

Lena Midtveit, director of Hank’s record company Sony Music, tells VG.

– We condole and send our deepest sympathy to those closest to us in our grief.

VG has tried to get in touch with Husby’s colleagues in Turboneger.

Husby was an LSK fan. The club remembers its supporter with this greeting on Twitter:

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