Tuesday, November 30

Corona, communicable diseases and RS virus abound: Kindergartens despair over not getting enough substitutes.

Kindergartens have to reduce opening hours and cancel plans due to a lot of infection. – The whole autumn has been a persistent state of emergency, says Hilde Nordhagen, board of Læringsverkstedet Langbølgen kindergarten in Oslo.

Educational leader Cecilie Skjelstad helps with dressing before the children in Læringsverkstedet Langbølgen kindergarten go out. Board member Hilde Nordhagen (left) must also step in to help when several employees are ill.

Sick employees and sick children. Throughout the autumn, kindergartens have been visited by various viruses in a row. Now the infection is so high that more people are struggling to get enough substitutes.

In Læringsverkstedet Langbølgen kindergarten, they are not full-time employees, even with two permanent substitutes in place.

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