Tuesday, November 30

Continued problems in train traffic – thousands of passengers affected – News (Ekot)

Listen: Messy train day APP

  • During Friday, 100 departures were affected in Mälardalen, half with SJ’s own trains and half with Mälardalstrafiks and Tåg i Bergslagen’s trains. Mälardalstrafik, which today had every fifth of its trains canceled, is tired and is considering claiming damages from SJ.

  • SJ, which staffs the trains, has not made its new scheduling system work, but SJ’s press manager Tobbe Lundell says that they have now repaired the deficient basic schedules that set it in motion.

  • “Today was the worst time with the poor matching between systems and schedules and where the staff on duty should be, but the good news is that it will be easier next week,” he said.


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