Saturday, November 27

Atmosphere in the stadium with pyro as part of the event, is it possible?

Dear club, dear supporter,

There has been a lot of attention on pyro at the elite league matches this season, especially in some arenas.

In parallel, there is the debate and what is law and what is not law, routines for pyro, the role of clubs, the role of the Directorate for Safety and Emergency Planning (DSB), what NFF does and does not do, and more. This letter is an attempt to explain where we stand in this case.

Status is:

  • The working group’s representatives have jointly prepared a proposal for a new and somewhat more extended pyror regulation. These regulations require the local fire service to consider what is safe and secure. The fire service has the expertise on pyro and is the experts, but they must also have good working conditions. With a well-developed application system, which we believe we have in place, they get just that from football. Now it remains that they get the opportunity to exercise this from the directorate’s side as well.

  • NFF and NTF support the working group’s proposal and also want to provide some more opportunities to use pyro around the matches.

  • NFF and NTF have initiated work where the organizer (clubs) get a clearer independent responsibility for the event. We are impressed with the work done by the clubs. And we want to clarify what is NFF’s responsibility and what the organizer can and should do. There have been situations where the clubs have been fined, even when they themselves have facilitated a safe and secure environment. NFF has initiated work to look at alternatives to these sanction regulations.

In a proposal for a new regulation, DSB has proposed that pyro in matches be banned. The NFF, NTF, the clubs and the NSA have warned against this in their joint consultation response.

We all want pyro / fireworks as an evocative element in our matches. If you follow the working group’s proposal for pyroregulation, it will be possible to do so under a very safe and secure framework.

On 30 November, there will be a meeting between DSB, NFF and representatives from the clubs / NTF. At the meeting, we will advocate for a set of rules that makes it possible to use pyro in Norwegian football matches and at the same time ensure that the use takes place in a safe and secure environment.

With best regards,

Pål Bjerketvedt Secretary General, NFF
Leif Øverland, CEO, NTF

Photo: Morten M. Larød / Sports photo

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