Saturday, November 27

Sopot and Gdansk: a weekend on the Polish Riviera

Within an hour’s flight, you find yourself like a single endless stretch of beach: the Polish Riviera. The white sand dazzles us from the air. 50 km the beach extends beyond, among others, the Polish cities of Gdynia and Gdansk. We have targeted the small Sopot spa in the middle.

Check-in at the spa hotel

We have booked in Radisson Blu Hotel and Sopot, 250 meters from the sea and with a huge spa area included in the room price. It costs from 650 SEK per night through (depending on the time of booking). If you want to stay more luxurious, there’s also the neighboring Marriott hotel with a great-looking spa area (and that you can try by booking a treatment), or spa classics like the Sheraton hotel and Sofitel.

However, we are more than happy with our hotel and we take at least an hour a day hopping between the indoor pool, outdoor hot tub, steam sauna, dry sauna, and eucalyptus sauna. If you want a spa, if you want to do it in Poland, this is it!

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Sopot – the city and the promenade

Along the entire beach there is a lane for pedestrians and bicycles, partly lined with restaurants and bars. It makes it easy to get to both Gdansk and the center of Sopot, home to the famous wooden pier, the longest in Europe.

Sopot is a mix of beautiful wooden villas, ornate gardens, spa palaces and gray concrete facades and the Polish equivalent of our one million program areas. A contrast that makes everything feel real somehow. Breathing space for creativity.

Eye-catching parks

I have some things that I always look for in a new city, one of them is parks. In Sopot there are several parks, yes, up to 60% of the city consists of green areas, and one of them is Oliwskiparken. We balanced on an electric scooter and walked under green canopies, passing ducks on perfect family trains, Rococo palaces, and monastery gardens. A coffee next to the cathedral is essential before returning home.

Gdansk Old Town

At the end of each summer the market is held. S t. Dominica in the old town of Gdansk. We’ve splashed it and zigzagged it between local artisans, food producers, and pets on stilts. The streets are lined with pinnacles and towers; One tip is to walk on the bridges over the Motlava River. Next time I go here I will probably live in Gdansk for a little more big city pulse.

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