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Melancholy via Melissa Horn on the Musikblogg

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The cool breeze from Lake Superior tells me that fall is not far off. After a stressful week, these cold nights make me want to be cozy. And if you know me, music is fundamental to my type of my. Melissa Horn is a Swedish artist who I play when I want to slow down my rhythm. Captivating poetry, brimming with melancholy and romance, Melissa’s singer-songwriter vibe is the perfect combination to listen to in late summer.

Who is Melissa Horn? / Who is Melissa Horn?

A lifetime Stockholmare (Stockholm), Astrid Melissa Edwarda Horn Weitzberg grew up close Sodermalm. Melissa born in (was born in) 1987 to Professor Eddie Weitzberg and his mother Maritza Horn, an award-winning jazz and pop vocalist. Her parents gifted Melissa her first guitar at age 16 and the strumming and singing followed! His debut album Long nights (Long Nights) was released in 2008 and reached seventh place on the Swedish charts.

Melissa Horn’s raw and emotional composition has earned her critical acclaim with Swedish Grammis nominations and the Evert Taube Award in 2020. His lyrics are not the kind of terrible melancholy that makes you want to turn and run in the other direction. Rather, she is able to approach intense feelings of love and loss with a grace and beauty that draws you in and invites you to sit back, enjoy a cup of tea, and mingle with her.

Introduction to Melissa Horn / Introduction to Melissa Horn

Ida, my Swedish-Finnish friend, introduced me to Melissa Horn when I was in college. We work together as tutors for the Scandinavian studies department and you can imagine that I chose your brain all the time. I asked her for some good suggestions from Swedish singer-songwriters and she said, “Have you heard of Melissa Horn ?! ‘How to go to? ‘has been my main theme for my year in the US. “

Hur ska det gå? (How is it going to go?) ”It deals with the uncertainty of what is going to happen between a couple. There is also a phrase about crossing the ocean and returning,I have crossed the sea again by boat. “ Both are great connections to the year Ida studied in Minnesota. The opening verse is as follows:

Your sun has landed on my lap and it’s broken
And our lines fall and remain
I think we lied even though we said it was true
We were never in love with each other, it just felt the same

Your sun has landed on my lap and shattered
And our words spill out and stay still
I think we lied but we said it was true
We were never in love but the feeling was mutual

Check out the song below! Pay attention to the way -r in excuse me and the -s in ska combine to make a sh sound. The same as the swedish No problem it is pronounced “varsh-oh-goud”.

Chelseas favorit Melissa Horn låt / Chelsea’s favorite song by Melissa Horn

Although it’s hard to choose, I think my favorite song is the title track from Melissa’s 2011 album “Innan jag kände dig (Before I know You)”. At the end of the first verse, Melissa sings the lines:

I’m probably not what you dream of
But I am what you see

Jag I’m probably not what you’re dreaming of
But I am what you see

You will notice the word yet here. Many students ask me about this word because its meaning changes depending on the context. Used for emphasis, similar to thu and well. TO prayer can work without the use of yet but including it adds some nuance. Above, I have translated yet probably.

Melissa loves duets

Melissa & Lars Winnerbäck Collaboration “Som jag hade dig förut (As I Had You Before) is the queen mother of all breakup songs. You wish you could take your relationship back to when things were great, but it’s too late …

In 2021, Melissa collaborated with Swedish actor and singer Hampus Nessvold on the short film and song “If you existed (If you existed) ”, available to view on YouTube. The first 6 minutes are dialogues and will be excellent practice for intermediate to advanced Swedish speakers.

Melissa Horn is an artist in Much Better 2021 / Melissa Horn is an artist in Better 2021

Speaking of collaborations, Melissa Horn will be in the next season of Better, music meets a reality TV show where Swedish artists of all genres cover each other’s songs. I. CAN. NO. WAIT. I can not wait.

Now listen to Melissa Horn and tell me which tracks are your favorites!


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