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Stockholm Gallery District

Plensa sculpture in Vanadisplan

Stockholm is a great city for art lovers. Not only do we have many wonderful art museums (like Modern, National, Photographic, Waldemarsudde and many more), there are also many smaller art galleries throughout the city. Fortunately for visitors, many of them are concentrated in a couple of neighborhoods / streets, so you don’t need to travel a lot to visit some galleries while in Stockholm.

Berg Gallery

One of those areas is actually around the corner from the Hotel Rival, on a small stretch of Hornsgatan Street, called Hornsgatspuckeln. I’ve blogged about this before and will be making an update in the next few weeks … but, for this article, I visited another area that I haven’t actually been to before. Located in the Vasastan neighborhood, this collection of 5-6 art galleries have been creatively dubbed the Stockholm Gallery District. Good idea!

Berg Gallery

The galleries, for the most part, are located on a small street called Hudiksvallsgatan, right next to the square Water plan (a roundabout actually, with a park in the center). This neighborhood is a bit off the beaten path for visitors, giving it an authentic Stockholm feel. The street itself is short with an industrial feel (interspersed loading docks and so on). The map found on their website helps you locate galleries much easier. They also have links to the different galleries so you can see which artist / artwork each is showing.

Berg Gallery

I visited two galleries this time: Berg Gallery and Andersson Gallery / Sandström. At the Berg Gallery, they had some exhibitions … one with the work of Rastifard money (interesting abstract 3D images), as well as some interesting photographs, reliefs and sculptures by various artists. A good mix of art in different mediums. The Rastifard exhibition will be open until September 25.

Andersson Gallery / Sandström (GAS)

At GAS (Gallerie Andersson / Sandström) they had an exhibition that I found very interesting: the sculpture of Jaume plensa (also showing until September 25). The exhibition contains large elongated and elliptical busts of young women, a typical work of the Spanish sculptor. What struck me the most was the fact that I have come across his work several times recently … including a recent visit to Artipelag, a walk through Djurgården, and a summer trip to the Swedish west coast where I visited. a fantastic sculpture park. which had a huge bust of Plensa on top of a hill. One of Plensa’s large busts was also recently installed at Vanadisplan, just one block from the Gallery District. A nice “welcome” when you arrive in Stockholm’s gallery district. The neighborhood has a lot of interesting architecture as well as small cafes and restaurants … so you can make a pleasant afternoon of your visit.


The easiest way to get to the gallery district from the Hotel Rival it is actually by commuter train. You can take the train at the nearby Stockholm Södra station and then take the train two stations north to Stockholm Odenplan. Exit the station by following the signs for Vanadisvägen. You will exit just one block from Vanadisplan, clearly displayed on your map.

Part of the lighting installation at Odenplan station

By the way, this commuter train station in Odenplan is very new and the exit, like many of Stockholm’s metro and train stations, are art galleries in themselves … in this case, a beautiful lighting installation. Click here to learn more about the Stockholm Metro artwork and follow the links at the district website for opening hours and more information on individual galleries.

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