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Latest news from Afghanistan in Swedish

Image by David Mark from Pixabay. “People of the city of Afghanistan”.

It has been a turbulent week for Afghans at home and abroad. With US and allied forces withdrawing from Afghanistan and the Taliban immediately and rapidly taking control, the headlines are intense. Evacuations of Afghans and foreigners are difficult, democracy has collapsed and the rights of women and girls are hanging by a thread. And these are just a few of the uncertainties and stressors that must be addressed as the situation in Afghanistan unfolds. So how do the Swedes report the latest in Afghanistan? We’ll look at some headlines and cover common verbs and nouns to help you discuss this news in Swedish.

Countries and geography – Countries and geography

Afghanistan The name of the country is the same in Swedish and English. Iran, as well as the other neighboring countries of Stan, also share the same English name. The Middle East region is called middle East.

Below an article by Göteborgs-Posten describe the immediate future of some Afghan migrants and the need for humanitarian aid. You will also see a video of Swedish Foreign minister (Foreign Minister) Ann Linde with the latest updates on the evacuation of Swedish government workers and citizens of Afghanistan.

Screenshot: Göteborgs-Posten, 16:48 – 17 August 2021.

Afghanistan in noun – Afghanistan in Nouns

The Taliban is a collective noun in English. In Swedish, this group is mentioned in the definite plural form the taliban. Below is a list of common additional nouns in Swedish headlines right now:

an Afghan → Afghan
an Afghan → Afghan

a migrant → migrants
a migrant → migrants

a troop → troops
a troop → troops

(a) chaos → chaos
chaos → chaos

a border country → neighboring countries *
a border country → neighboring countries

* observe the change of
limit (edge) to the root neighbor (neighbor) in the plural form of this noun.

(en) power → power
power → power

a capital → the capital
a capital city → the capital city

A great place to focus on more nouns is 8sidor.se. His articles are packed with a great vocabulary. Like this article below:

Screenshot: 8sidor.se, “The Taliban have seized power.” August 16, 2021.

Verbs in headings – Verbs in the headlines

Here are some verbs that appear in Swedish headlines (Swedish headlines). I have specifically chosen irregular verbs to conjugate, there are no group 1 verbs here. 😉

to flee to flee
flies fled → has moved

Screenshot: Aftonbladet, “Here they flee from the Taliban.” August 18, 2021.

set up get prepared
prepares → prepared → has prepared

Screenshot: Today’s news. “Ylva Johansson calls on EU countries to accept more refugees”. August 18, 2021.

to oppress press
oppressor → oppressed → has oppressed

Screenshot: Aftonbladet
“The women of Afghanistan are oppressed when the Taliban take power.” August 18, 2021.

More on Afghanistan through SAK – More on Afghanistan through SAK

Swedish Afghanistan Committeethe mission is For an Afghanistan free of poverty, violence and discrimination / For an Afghanistan free of poverty, violence and discrimination. Representatives from your organization have been evaluating the latest news, providing great context of what is happening right now and why. But they have been working on Swedish-Afghan initiatives since 1980. The group was originally founded as a reaction to Soviet Union the invasion (of the Soviet Union) of Afghanistan. Much of his work involves educating Swedes about Afghanistan to better engage citizens in the Afghan narrative and Sweden’s foreign policy there. The intro of your page Get to know Afghanistan (Know Afghanistan) is as follows:

Afghanistan and Sweden are somewhat different, but we are also quite similar. For example, we both love potatoes, Idol, and cilantro. Believe it or not everyone likes cilantro. Here on the “Get to Know Afghanistan” pages, you can at least get to know the country and the people a little better.

Did you find any good Swedish news articles on the latest in Afghanistan? Post them below For your fellow readers to enjoy! 👇


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