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Olympic pumping songs in Swedish!

Photo: Pixabay, “Soccerball on Wide Green Grass Field”

Blood pumping. Dripping sweat Full of adrenaline. Olympians are experiencing these things in abundance right now. But how do they get in the zone to perform at such a high level? Lots of people put on headphones, shake their heads to the beat, and sing a great upbeat song. Music has been used as a tool to synchronize the body and mind for millennia. Whether preparing for battle or leading a meditation, the rhythm and melody are powerful. This week in the music blog, we will enjoy some animated songs written and performed by Swedes. Y oj oj OJ, I found a special treat to enjoy at the end… 80s haircuts and high-waisted jeans abound.

Electronic Masters – Electronic teachers

Although I lean towards the category of “melancholic pop” that Swedes seem to dominate, they also excel at writing trendy songs! Swedish and European modern pop is known for its electronic sound developed in the techno and house genres. These songs are common warm-up tracks to thrill players and fans, but they started out as niche sounds on the European club scene.

The following artists are gigantic (giants) international hitmakers. Although you won’t get any Swedish language with these first three songs, I hope your curiosity leads you to research them in Swedish. All of these artists have Swedish Wikipedia pages, they all have Swedish interviews available on YouTube, etc.!

Swedish House Mafia – Antidote

Now house music may not be your thing, but I would say that it is important to know about the first group of DJs to play and sell Madison Square Garden. Tickets went by in a record 9 minutes. “Antidote” was the 2012 Swedish House Mafia hit.

Avicii – Levels

Tim Bergling’s stage name was Avicii. The song levels led him to international glory in 2011. Avicii’s other radio hits include “Save the World” and “Wake Me Up.”

Robyn and Röyksopp – Do it again

One more Swedish superstar who sings primarily in English is Robyn. His collaboration with DJ / producer duo Röyksopp on “Do it Again” is forever on my bomb list.

Pump it up in Swedish

Are you tagged? Are you excited ?! Now to hear some Swedish! Below are a few more songs to add to the list of animated songs produced and performed in Sweden, but these have Swedish text.

Timbuktu – Spring (run)

Check out this video and try not to get inspired! While this song is less about sports, it’s certainly about drive and determination. Read the chorus before listening:

Taste of blood in mouth, lung feels like it’s collapsing
Two reds from savoring death on the asphalt
Sprinkle on my ashes, so full of sea salt
My legs move forward but right now it’s very slow

Soccer songs – Soccer songs

Like most European nations, soccer (soccer) is the most popular spectator sport in Sweden. Over the years, many artists have contributed battle songs (“Battle Songs”) to the men’s or women’s national teams.

Magnus Uggla – We go to the world cup / Let’s go to the World Cup

This song was created for the 2002 FIFA Men’s World Cup in Japan and also earned Magnus Uggla the number 1 spot on the Swedish charts.

Frej Larsson feat JOY – Team mitt / My team

This song is from the 2016 World Cup in Spain and features rappers from southern Sweden Frej Larsson and JOY.

Pia Sundhage and the women’s national team – We are girls, we are the best / We are the girls, we are the best

If you’ve been watching Olympic football competition, you probably know that the SSwedish women’s national team (Sweden Women’s National Team) has a lot of momentum to win gold. In fact, they are heading to the championship game in Toyko in just a few hours. Pia Sundhage, one of the greatest coaches in soccer history, began her career as a Swedish player and has since coached the Swedish, American and Brazilian women’s teams. Now, I knew that Pia Sundhage sings during her speeches to inspire the players. What I did NOT know is that she and the Swedish Women’s National Team recorded this battle song in 1987.

We are girls, we are the best, so be careful with the East and the West!
We must encourage each other because we know what we can do.
Aim high and invest more.
We are girls we are the best, it will be a victory party.
The flag flies at the top, there is faith, there is hope.
We are girls, we are the best.

Check out the Spotify playlist with the previous songs and some more! Do you have a favorite pump song? Share it below! Bonus points if it’s from a Swedish artist.

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