Thursday, October 21

Art + Archipelago = Artipelag!

It was my mom’s birthday last weekend, so I decided to take my parents on a field trip to the archipelago art museum. Artipelag to enjoy art and beautiful nature. Artipelag is located on the island of Värmdö and was created by the Swedish businessman Björn Jakobson (founder of Baby bjorn). While the museum is open all year round and can be accessed by bus / car from Stockholm, you can get the full atmosphere of the archipelago during the summer months when there are a boat ride to the museum.

Björn’s vision was to create an art / museum experience that blends seamlessly with the beautiful nature of the surrounding archipelago. When I visited the museum last year, we focused our visit mainly on the indoor exhibition and I felt like I missed most of the outdoor experience. So this time we decided to do the opposite and spend most of the visit outdoors. And since they have a number of sculptures on display in the surrounding forest, we were able to enjoy some great art!

Call “Sculpture in nature”, this is a permanent exhibition featuring the work of both Nordic and international artists. There is a well-marked circular path through the forest and along the water that can be followed to view all the sculptural pieces. Inside the museum, they sell a brochure / map that explains the sculpture. On top of that, the entrance to the forest itself is free!

I loved the experience of walking down a trail, randomly (or so it felt) stumbling across works of art that felt like they belonged in a natural setting. The paths are not strenuous to walk and range from rustic trails to wooden walkways (along the water). I had bought the map, which was good, as some of the sculptural pieces blend so well with the natural environment that we might have missed them.

We also did a visit to the roof of the museum which is an experience in itself. In keeping with Björn’s green vision, the ceiling is covered in flowers. stone cultivation plants as well as beehives and herb gardens … making it one with the surrounding forest. Very nice and respectful with the environment. And the views over the treetops and the sea are magnificent.

We traveled back and forth by boat. It is a nice guided tour from the Strömma company and available during the high summer season. The trip lasts 1 hour and a half in each direction in the vintage. M / S Gustafsberg and is guided in Swedish and English. This is one of my favorite boat trips around the archipelago as it goes through the narrow passageway. SkurusundetWhich is an impressive sight, and the information provided by the guide is interesting.

With the round-trip boat tour, you have approximately 3 hours in the museum before the boat returns. In my experience, this is not enough time for lunch (the museum has a good restaurant), a visit to the indoor exhibition, and a complete tour of the forest sculpture. You can always take a shorter forest hike or have lunch on the boat to make the most of your visit … or you can choose to stay longer and take a bus home.

If you are interested in visiting the indoor exhibition, this summer is “Rolf Hanson – Retroactive” and it looks great (until November 28). If you plan to do the boat tour, the boats depart from Nybrokajen In the city center. The easiest way to get there from the Hotel Rival It is by metro (red line to Östermalmstorg) or by taxi (7-8 minute journey). Or, if you want to get to the museum using other means of transport, Artpelag offers good addresses. on your website.

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