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Lunch in the Vaxholm archipelago

Entrance to the Hembygdgårds Café, where …

Every 3-4 years, I write an article about visiting the city of Vaxholm in the Stockholm archipelago (in fact, I usually visit at least once every summer). The reason I am visiting Vaxholm again, and have written about it several times, is that it is one of the most accessible places in the archipelago to visit. It’s relatively close (compared to the further islands), with plenty of ferries to choose from, a nice boat ride, and good options for lunch … easy!

… they have a great beachfront location with …

My recent visit is a good example. My parents were in town visiting last week, the weather was beautiful and they wanted to do a boat ride but they didn’t have a full day to spend so I decided to take them to Vaxholm for lunch at my favorite place there: Hembygdgårds Cafe. We use Waxholmsbolaget (the commuter boats of the archipelago) to travel back and forth. These ships have various departure times and the trip only takes between 1 and 1½ hours, depending on the ship. They depart from the pier Strömkajen In the city center. You buy your tickets on the ship, so you don’t need to book. As I wrote in a previous post, you can also use the SL commuter boats to get to Vaxholm.

… outdoor seating and …

Vaxholm is the name of both the city and the island on which it is located. Located in the middle of the archipelago, the island is connected to the mainland with a bridge, so you can travel there by car or bus. However, the boat ride, in my opinion, is a much more enjoyable and scenic way to travel. Vaxholm received its municipal charter in the 17th century. and it is one of the largest cities in the archipelago. In fact, it is often called “the capital of the archipelago” because of its importance as a communications center (almost all ferries have to pass through the city on their way to the outer islands).

… great lunches.

exist many things to do in the city, such as visiting the nice shops, taking a walk, swimming or visiting strength… although I’m usually there for lunch and a look. Hembygdgårds Café has good options for lunch or just a “coffee”, but the best selling point is your location right on the water with a great outdoor seating area, where you can enjoy the sun and watch the boats go by. The cafe is only a 10-15 minute walk from the pier. There are other options for lunch on the island, this is my favorite.

With boat trips and time for a relaxed lunch, this trip can last as little as four hours in total, making it a good option if you want to experience the archipelago but don’t have many days in Stockholm. If you are looking for a full day adventure, I can recommend you make, Finnhamn or Sandhamn (each has its own charm). Although there are actually hundreds of options, depending on how adventurous you are! Click here to read about my visit to Grinda and here for my visit to Svartsö (another option), both from last summer.

Leaving Vaxholm.

To get to Strömkajen, where the Waxholmsbolaget ferries depart / arrive, from Hotel Rival, you can take the metro to Kungsträdgården (blue line), take a taxi for 5-7 minutes, or walk 30 minutes through the old town. If you want to travel further in the archipelago (to the islands mentioned above), I recommend the Cinderella ships (fewer outputs, but they turn off faster). These depart by Strandvägen in Nybroviken. The closest metro station here is Östermalmstorg (red line).

The boat ride is half the experience …

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