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58 Swedish Sommarpratar for iconic radio show

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At one o’clock in the afternoon, when summer temperatures are at their highest, sun-loving Swedes take a breather and set the dial to Summer in P1. Today, Swedish radio announced the 58 Swedes who will tell personal stories, reflections, dreams and critiques with the public this summer. Comedians, actors, songwriters, CEOs, songwriters, and even an astronaut and a chess player join the 2021 list. Summer in P1. A truth smorgasbord Of Swedish speakers, dialects, and life experiences, this iconic Swedish program is a must-do experience for Swedish students.

First summer talk (summer chat) aired on Swedish radio’s P3 in 1959. The show runs every day of the week from Swedish Midsommar, from June 26 this year to August 22. A different summer talker (“Summer Speaker”) performs daily, combining narration with music interludes to cultivate an intimate 90 minutes between listeners and the show host.

Be invited to host a summer talk it is considered an honor. Film giant Ingmar Bergman, pop pioneer Robyn, members of ABBA, literary greats like Astrid Lindgren, even Ingvar Kamprad of IKEA and Daniel Ek of Spotify have held a summer talk. In 2020, Greta Thunberg presented her program in English called “Humanity Has Not Failed Yet”. BBC broadcast Greta’s summer talk presenting the swedish series to an international audience.

Swedish journalist and radio producer Bibi Rödöö has been the Program Director (Program Director) for Summer in P1 for 25 years and is credited with increasing popularity and diversity of the summer hosts (the summer hosts). The 2021 season is booked by two Swedish musicians, both 23 years old. Benjamin Ingrosso starts it up Midsummer Y Zara Larsson season closes on August 22. It is customary for each participant to wear a summer wreath (flower crown) for your press photos. View your headshots in midsummer and learn about all the hosts here. Swedish radio mounted a 60-minute film in which each of the presenters makes a brief introduction to themselves and their backgrounds, here.

Below are 4 people I’m especially eager to hear from. I have included a Swedish excerpt taken from their respective profiles on

August 1 Parisa Amiri, journalist, author

You already met Parisa on this blog with “Got a kvart? Spend it with Parisa Amiri and Jason Diakité ”and I also featured her in 6 Swedish women to follow on Instagram. She is a journalist and television host who keeps a critical eye on pop culture and politics. Parisa will use it summer talk to reflect on his career in the media branch and what he has learned about equity, justice and identity in the process:

– I must be quite honest about the crisis, having ended up on a completely different course than planned and having run out of goals after dreaming about contests. I will also reflect on issues of justice, identity and prejudice and what I learned twelve years in the world of culture and media.

If you follow Eurovision, you will recognize Tusse as the representative of Sweden. Finalist on Swedish Idol and winner of Melodifestivalen, Tusse will use your summer talk to share anecdotes of finding love and support during his time as a refugee, as well as the new opportunities he was given with life in Sweden:

– In my summer I will tell about my dear relatives, those who were my safety while they fled, and how they have taken advantage of the fantastic opportunities that Sweden has given us.

This FinnishSvensk (Finnish-Swedish) journalist and author is Today newsRussian correspondent. She lives in Moscow, is an author seven times and has received the The golden pen grant. His talk will address the meaning of the Finnish concept and the “sisu” way of life, his difficult relationship with God and climate change:

– I’ll talk about sisu and grace. Sisu means not giving up. Grace means surprises where you least expect it. Both have played an important role in my life.

On my hard working relationship with God: I’m mad at him all the time, but I can’t finish him.

About climate change and what the Eider woman’s gaze has taught me.

This award-winning actress is best known for her role in SVT’s Thin blue line (Thin blue line). You may have seen it recently on the Netflix series. Love and anarchy (Love and anarchy). She summer talk It will be about memories, identity, yearning and how she became an actress:

– My program, among other things, will be about memories and identity. Who am I without my memories? What if we forget our history? And then I’ll tell you why I eventually became an actor, the restlessness and the constant longing to leave.

If you are a beginning Swedish student, understanding will be difficult here. But don’t underestimate the value of allowing yourself to listen to Swedish in a relaxed way. Get used to the rhythm of the narration and focus less on understanding and more on how the words sound to you. If you are an intermediate or advanced student, choose a summer talk to work on creating a speech outline, or simply highlight words or phrases that stand out to you.

All these episodes will be available on or Summer in P1, wherever you listen to your podcasts!
The full list is below! What are you waiting for?

Photo: Summer on P1, Swedish radio

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