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Idre Himmelfjäll – ski holidays in the mountain areas of fairy tales

Just before Christmas, almost a year ago, Idre Himmelfjäll was inaugurated. Sweden’s first new ski resort in over thirty years. 18 slopes and 8 lifts. In addition to the fact that Idre Himmelfjäll is practically close to Idre Fjäll and Fjätervålen in North Dalarna (providing the opportunity for a combined ski pass), efforts have been made to find the top of the mountain with the most fabulous view . And this is where my own ski belly starts to tingle.

Our mountain is a magical place with a peak that almost touches the sky. Some starry nights you can see a magic light in the sky around the mountain and the stars fall like drops on the top of the mountain.

From the tale of heaven

Imagination trips were invited to the inauguration of Idre Himmelfjäll on December 17, 2019. Sister Julia took me and together we experienced 1.5 days in the winter landscape. Come to the land of fairy tales!

Rent a country house in the Swedish mountains

Dawn and first on the slopes

The sun has barely risen above the horizon when we are ready with the skis on the lift behind the ski rental. It’s nine o’clock and the slopes have just opened, for the first time. The view on the way up the mountain is hard to beat. Wonderful with wavy scales wrapped in veils of mist as far as the eye can see. The first walks are just as unbeatable. People talk about when it feels like “Manchester on the slopes”, but never before have they experienced such perfection when it comes to Manchester. And it goes without saying: there is simply no one who has ridden here before. We snort to the sound of the bite of a perfectly roast french toast. The lunar disk on one side of the sky, the fragile play of colors of the sun on the other.

Winter Magic Sweden Idre Himmelfjäll
Skiing in the Swedish mountains December - Idre Himmelfjäll

A ski resort for families with children

Idre Himmelfjäll is, as the name suggests, close to Idre Fjäll, but is therefore a completely new facility on its own mountain. While Idre Fjäll is managed as a foundation, Idre Himmelfjäll is managed as a limited company by some entrepreneurs. The target group is mostly families with children and it shows. There are no black runs (so far) and pretty quickly we’ve made our way through the few red ones that have had time to open.

The highest point on the mountain that the ski lifts reach is 869m above sea level, which contributes to the fantastic view, but the view comes with a back: icy winds. The temperature hovers around 20 degrees below zero and although the lift system is new and good for Sweden, I miss the modern Austrian lift system, which is there to keep the skier warm. Fortunately, there is a restaurant to warm up at!

Idre Himmelfjäll - ski holiday in the Swedish mountains

The history of Himmelfjäll

To create mystery around the ski resort, you have a fairy tale, The Tale of Heaven. It is told by the snowflake Flinga and has, among other things, elements of Norse mythology. At the inauguration, both Flinga and her friends Mossa and Myria are on site to sing and dance. King Winter is coming to visit and, of course, the mountain’s own ambassador: Frida Hansdotter.

You may have thought that it is the snow that crunches under your feet when you are away from home on a cold winter day, but it is the fists of the little elves.

From the tale of heaven

Winter king

A few last walks around the cotton candy

After sunrise comes … sunset. At least if you’re four days away from the winter solstice in Sweden. Once again, I am amazed at how amazing the view is. Probably mostly because of the opinion that I would return to Himmelfjäll!

Idre Himmelfjäll - skiing and mountain magic
Idre Himmelfjäll - ski holiday in the Swedish mountains
Idre Himmelfjäll - skiing and mountain magic

Accommodation in Idre Himmelfjäll

In Idre Himmelfjäll you can rent cabins for living. We live in a larger cabin in the Saturn area along with two other bands. The cabin is stocked with most of the things you might need (except a beer opener) and it also has a sauna and a wood-burning hot tub. We make a valiant attempt to get the hot tub going, but we finally have to give up, but longer bastard and my sister and I impress each other by making snow angels in the snow in a bikini.

Driving to Idre Himmelfjäll takes about 6 hours without a break from Stockholm.

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