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19 Christmas gifts to give to a fantasy traveler

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Are you looking for Christmas gifts for someone who loves to travel, at least in imagination? Or are you looking for Christmas gifts to wish yourself? Here is a combination of Christmas gift tips that are suitable for travel and / or make you fantasize for a while. This time I skipped the experiences entirely because you should stay home right now.

Here are my 19 tips for Christmas gifts:

# 1. Yatzi waiting for the parcel or the train. A classic game that makes time pass both on long train trips and at home waiting for more adventurous moments. This pretty mint colored Yatzi set comes from Arket.

# 2. Fleece for winter adventures. I bought the camel colored fleece in a wool blend from Wild astrid early fall and has basically lived in it ever since. Perfect for outdoor activities, first as a jacket and then as a layer underneath.

# 3. Breakfast in Oslo. Wake up in the capital of the neighboring country at least in the imagination. Tea is generally a great way to travel imaginatively this way in the winter. This tea is called Breakfast in Oslo and it is organic.

# 4. Surla like a British queen. English porcelain maker Wedgwood makes beautiful tea sets that are even served in elegant castles like Chatsworth. The series aptly named Wonderlust (“the desire to be in a constant state of wonder“) It also combines English craftsmanship with exotic and colorful motifs. Available on p. Ex. Nordic nest.

# 5. Smart fanny packs. A fanny pack ranks high on my own wish list. I had one in Cape Verde and realized how incredibly practical it is, both when you move a lot and want to avoid taking off / in your backpack to get passport, money, mobile, etc., but also for shorter day hikes. I think the Fjällrävens are nice, both in rose and in green.

# 6. Coffee table book with Wes Anderson’s dreams. If you love the Wes Anderson aesthetic, the Accidentally Wes Anderson book is for you. A book full of photographs of places around the world that look like they were taken from one of his films. The book is ordered to Bokus and on the way by mail.

# 7. Dolce Far Niente med t-shirt. Dolce far niente is Italian for The sweetness of doing nothing. Pretty pretty, I think. I bought mine in Italy but it is also available online here.

# 8. Delights of the world. One of the most effective ways to travel imaginatively is, of course, with the taste buds as a means of transportation. In Ceestashop you can find many delicacies from other parts of the world, like this one. British jam, French olives Y Italian cafe.

# 9. Indigenous peoples of the world on the wall. Jimmy Nelson is the photographer behind Homage to Humanity, an exhibition featuring photographs of the world’s indigenous peoples. A fantastic exposition which unfortunately is not left in Fotografiska, but fortunately you can buy his paintings to hang on the wall (poster 1, 2, 3).

# 10. Direct film camera. Are you sure there is something special about the developed images anyway? Sometimes I can lose the feeling of having only one chance to take a photo. An instax live movie camera it had been fun as a complement to digital photography.

# 11. Mobile printer. An alternative to the live film camera is mobile printer which prints images directly from the mobile phone.

# 12. Scent of the Norwegian fjord. It gives off the aroma of wild waterfalls, large forests and wet cliffs. A scent from the neighboring fjords through dust sticks.

# 13. Dreams of Japan. A new book with expert advice and essays on Japan created by the credible media company Monocle. Also full of nice images. The monocle book from Japan it’s at least on my wish list.

# 14. National park-themed notepad. Field Notes always has nice and practical notebooks, and these are themed with different national parks on the cover. Available in the Pen Store, for example, and it comes in several series: TO-, B-, CY DSerie.

# 15. Handy notepad and gel pen. There are two things a notepad needs to accomplish to be as practical as possible on the go: the spiral back and the hard cover that won’t fold in the bag. This notepad it is also mini-small. Available in Muji together with min favorite pen.

# sixteen. Watercolor painting and paper in pocket format. I myself always get tired of painting when I travel, so I often carry a box like this with me. watercolor paints in pocket size by Winsor Newton. The fine yellow sketch pad It is also small and also works for watercolors.

# 17. Metropolitan-themed tales. Read your way to Paris, New York, Tokyo, and London with four mini-stories by four different authors. Available in Novellix in a nice gift box.

# 18. A hotel scent. These scent bars of K. Lundqvist Stockholm promises a hotel and cashmere scent: “Spicy and exclusive aroma that gives it a recognition factor for luxury hotels and resorts”.

# 19. Vagabond subscription. Does it even require an explanation? A subscription to Sweden’s only travel magazine right now should probably be on the list of most fantasy travelers. Also, I’ll be working with Vagabond myself during the spring semester, so now you have another reason to request a subscription 😉

Tips from previous years on Christmas gifts:

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