Tuesday, November 30

Probably a short process for Bertheussen’s appeal

While the Oslo District Court set aside ten weeks when the criminal case against Laila Anita Bertheussen was to be processed last year, the parties reckon that the appeal case is completed in one day.Laila Anita Bertheussen and in the background professional judge Anniken Nygaard Ottesen and judge Yngvild Thue during the sentencing in Oslo District Court in January this year. On Thursday, a short appeal case will begin in the Borgarting Court of Appeal, where a decision will be made as to whether the sentence of one year and eight months' imprisonment was correct. Photo: Drawing: Esther Bjørneboe / Pool / NTBThe Borgarting Court of Appeal has set aside two days when the appeal proceedings of the criminal case against Laila Anita Bertheussen start on Thursday. Bertheussen's defense couns...

Major traffic disruptions during the morning in Western Sweden – News (Echo)

The snow weather poses problems for traffic throughout western Sweden.On the E6 in Halland, several trucks have got stuck at the Frillesås exit and it has rolled very slowly towards Gothenburg and for the traffic over Hallandsåsen on the E6 there is a stop in a southerly direction and there the traffic is not expected to pass until 10 o'clock.SMHI's yellow warning for snowfall is expected to give between 5-10 cm of snow during Tuesday morning and in the morning, locally there may be 15 cm of snow.Torbjörn NilssonTrafikredaktionen Sveriges Radio020-9 99 4 [email protected] Reference-sverigesradio.se

Espen Eckbo: – Promised myself that I will never be a comedian who whines

Perhaps one of last year's most talked about TV characters was the "Santas over forest and hello" character "Ernst Øyvind Tvedt", created by comedian and actor Espen Eckbo (48) ten years earlier.- Exactly that colored character felt in no way controversial ten years ago, says Eckbo when he meets Good evening Norway and Dorthe Skappel.- Then it changes, and when you first put on the critical glasses, it's absolutely awful, the comedian admits.Took writing breakHe is referring to what was called the "blackface" debate, and which led Discovery to choose to republish the series from their streaming services, and then republish it.Eckbo himself was well under way with the script for his new series "The Santas in the bin", when the ball began to roll.- I was in the middle of writing with this. ...
Winter came – the traffic chaos is not happening for the time being

Winter came – the traffic chaos is not happening for the time being

On Tuesday morning, the easterners also woke up to several centimeters of snow. So far, it has not affected the morning rush to any appreciable extent.Published:Just updatedThe case is being updatedThe snow chaos that was announced could occur on Tuesday morning, has so far not occurred in Oslo. This is what operations manager Christian Krohn Engeseth informs VG at the morning branch on Tuesday.- It looks good so far on the cameras of Vegtrafikksentralen. There is still scattered traffic, he says, despite the fact that some snow has fallen during the night.At the same time, the police on Tuesday morning stopped a driver who had not prepared for the winter weather.- A patrol came across a car with strange driving behavior. It turned out that the car had summer tires. The driver is repo...

China donates one billion vaccine doses to Africa – News (Echo)

Listen: China donates vaccine to AfricaChina will donate one billion doses of covid-19 vaccine to Africa.This was promised by President Xi Jinping in a video speech in connection with the opening of a forum for economic cooperation between Africa and China.600 million doses are the Chinese-made varieties, and the other 400 million will be via other delivery methods, such as being produced in Africa by Chinese [email protected] Reference-sverigesradio.se

Struggle about the new measures that are coming: No closure

PROPOSES NEW MEASURES: Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stør (Labor Party). Photo: Frode HansenOn Tuesday, the Prime Minister proposes new and intensified measures against the spread of infection and against the omicron variant. But there will not be a new shutdown.Published:Just updatedJust after 10.00, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) will present to the Storting what the status is and the way forward for the government's handling of the pandemic. He has already announced that there will be new and intensified measures. Both the pressure of infection and the pressure on the health service have increased recently. Several hospitals are struggling to get it going. In addition, the new and presumably highly contagious omicron variant sneaks up still closer Norwegian borders. To VG,...

Green light for red chancellor

Green light for red chancellor Photo: Drawing: Roar HagenOlaf Scholz promises a decade of massive investment in green technology and the largest modernization of German industry in more than 100 years.This is a comment. The commentary expresses the writer's attitudeThese are grandiose visions and costly promises from an incoming prime minister who is already best known for moderation and pragmatism. Next week, Angela Merkel is expected to leave the Chancellor's office in Berlin after 16 years in power and hand over the key to Olaf Scholz.It means much more than a social democrat taking over for a Christian democrat. The change of political leadership marks the end of an era in German and European politics, and the beginning of something completely new.Merkel resigns at her own request....

Barbados becomes the world’s youngest republic – leaves British monarchy – News (Echo)

Listen: barbados appBarbados is now the world's youngest republic. The island state has now said goodbye to the British monarchy and Queen Elizabeth as head of state.In a ceremony in the capital Bridgetown, the flag representing the monarch, The Royal Standard, was hoisted and Sandra Mason was sworn in as the country's first president and head of state.This is the first time in almost 30 years that a country has left the British monarchy. World artist Rihanna was also named a national hero. [email protected] Reference-sverigesradio.se

Aftenposten believes: Corona measures must be proportionate

The new government - and the new opposition - must also comply with the law. In Rendalen, there has not been a single case of infection in recent weeks. Municipalities in the same situation will be hit unnecessarily hard by intervening national measures. Photo: Dag W. GrundsethIn recent days, some mayors and politicians in the opposition in the Storting have called for national corona measures. The leader of the health and care committee in the Storting, Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen (H), has gone the furthest. She has counted the dead and accused the government of being absent and passive. Read the whole case with subscriptionAlready a subscriber? sign in Reference-www.aftenposten.no

Norwegian politicians are often principled. Only it costs nothing.

Norwegian politicians are often principled in the World Cup and Olympic debate. Only it costs nothing. Norwegian cheers during the World Ski Championships in February. This way it can be more of for the winter in China. Then it will come with a bad taste. Photo: Lise Åserud, NTBNorwegian minister on politician absence during controversial sports championships Wednesday: in the.Norwegian minister on politician absence during controversial sports championships Saturday: yes.Read the whole case with subscriptionAlready a subscriber? sign in Reference-www.aftenposten.no